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Production Process

Transformer Production Process

High-frequency transformer technology is complex and diverse, mainly including winding, tinning, testing, etc. At the same time, it also customizes
processing according to the customer's drawing design requirements. The following is the basic process of JRPanel high frequency transformer.

01 Select Material

02 Winding

03 1st Tinning

04 Assembly

05 PRI Test

06 Impregnation

07 Baking

08 2nd Tinning

09 FQC Test

10 Packaging

Transformer Design Parameters
Customization Table

When customizing transformers, it need to provide our transformer customization parameters, so that we can make transformers that
meet the customer's requirements. The following table is a customized table of transformer parameters, please refer to it.

Parameter Name Parameter Example
Bobbin & Core Model Example:EE13 Vertical, 5+5 Pin, Pitch 2.5*8.5(optional)
Circuit Type Example: Flyback Transformer [Double Click following picture to see clearer. ]
Working Frequency Example:60KHZ
Input Voltage Example:90-275VAC, Switch transistor voltage drop 0.5V
Output Voltage/Current

[Need advise 1 set of parameters at least]

Example:Secondary 1:7V / 300mA, Rectifier diode voltage drop 0.5V
Example:Secondary 2:10V / 300mA, Rectifier diode voltage drop 0.5V
Example:Secondary 3:15V / 300mA, Rectifier diode voltage drop 0.5V
Example:Secondary 4:12V /300mA, Rectifier diode voltage drop 0.5V
Auxiliary Winding Voltage / Current Example:15V/0.1A ( or None )
Switch Transistor-Reverse Breakdown Voltage Example:600V
DCmax / MaxDuty Example:0.5
Minimum Duty Cycle Example:0.2
Other Special Requirements Pls fill your speical requriements here, which can help us to understand your product / demands more clearly. Thanks

Circuit Types of Transformer

There are many types of transformer circuits. The following are the common circuit types that JRPanel can provide. If you have other
special requirements, welcome to contact customer service to consult and confirm.

Flyback Transformer
Forward Reset
Forward Transformer
Active Clamp
Full Bridge
Common Mode
Choke Inductor
Common Mode
Choke Inductor
Current Voltage
High Frequency
Input Choke Inductor
Output Choke
Boost Choke Inductor
Buck Choke Inductor
Buck-Boost Choke