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With the continuous spread of COVID-19 epidemic, the global demand for ventilator is growing rapidly In order to alleviate the shortage of ventilator supply, Medtronic publicly shares the design specifications of its Puritan Bennett ™ 560 (PB 560) ventilator to help industry participants quickly evaluate ventilator manufacturing solutions. This can be very important and helpful to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic in the world.
JRPanel is committed to the production of membrane switches,which is also used on many types of ventilators, It is mainly used for interface operation and control. During these period many engineers contacted JRPanel to make the membrane switches of many types of ventilators, including the ventilator PB560. JRPanel is arranged in expedite to assist in the production of ventilator, and we hope that we can take our responsibility in this anti-epidemic war.

The Design specifications for the Puritan Bennett™560(PB 560)
The Puritan Bennett™560(PB 560)ventilator is a compact, lightweight and portable
ventilator that provides respiratory support for adults and children. It can be used in clinical
environments and homes, and provides mobile breathing support. PB 560 product and
service manuals, design requirements documents, manufacturing documents and
schematics are now available for download at the below link :

Medtronic Ventilator PB560 Open Source Data_3D Drawings_Schematic Diagram_Manual_Software Code_etc.rar

Download the PB560 Files