Graphic Overlay Membrane Switch Acrylic Panel

Prototype PCB Assembly


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PCB Asembly Products

JRPanel committed to meeting the different types of manufacturing requirements of global OEMs/customers, and providing a full
range of services from product component procurement to production assembly and technical support.

Motor Control PCB
Switch Control PCB
SMT Prototype / Manufacture
Automatic SMT & DIP
High-precision SMT Process
BGA Implantation

PCB Assembly Specialists

Our complete assembly
capabilities span BGA, Micro-
BGA, QFN and leadless
package parts.

Fast Turn Times

Prototype PCB assembly fast.
kitted and Turn-Key options
available. Quote and order online,
any time. As quick as
24 hours and delivery on time.

Turnkey & Quality

X-Ray Inspection, AOI &
Functional Testing
Fabrication, Parts sourcing
and assembly. They come
back to you ready to go. Easy!

Delivery Guarantee

Time is monry. JRPanel
delivery guarantee ensures
you get what you need, when
you need it.

Factory Scale

JRPanel has automatic printing machines, high-precision SMD machines, 12-temperature zone reflow soldering, X-RAY ray inspection machines, AOI
inspection machines, large wave soldering and other professional equipments. There are 2 production lines for special-shaped components such as 0201BGA/
POP , And we have professional production equipment and complete testing technology and scientific quality management system.

Laser Drilling

Laser Drilling

Minimum aperture up to 0.1mm for high-density interconnection (HDI) build-up multi-layer PCB, with electrical conduction between wirings on each layer controlled through interlayer vias. Currently laser drilling machines are extensively applied in processing of the Interlayer via-holes.

PCB Via Hole Plugging

PCB Via Hole Plugging

Via Fill is a special PCB manufacturing technique used to selectively and completely close via holes with epoxy. There are many instances in which a PCB designer might want to have a via filled. Some key benefits are:More reliable surface mountsIncreased assembly yieldsImproved reliability by decreasing the probability of trapped air or liquids.

Plating Through Holes

Plating Through Holes

Real-time monitoring of chemical quality in copper plating sinks.The aim of electroless copper is to plate a conductive layer through a hole or into a blind microvia.

Vacuum Etching

Vacuum Etching

Using the vacuum etching technology to make sure that both surfaces of the board are very uniform. it produces a straighter conductor profile, allowing the resulting plate to more accurately match the wiring requirements.

Testing Procedures

JRPanel factory has a variety of high-end testing equipment, including AOI optical detectors, X-ray detectors, etc., to ensure the quality
of the PCBA production, which can well meet customer expectations.

  • Visual inspection

  • X-ray Inspection

  • AOI Testingt

  • ICT (In-Circuit Test)

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