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Multi-layer printed board refers to a printed board with more than two layers. It is composed of several layers of insulating substrates with connecting traces and pads for assembling and welding electronic components. It has the function of conducting various layers of circuits and insulating each other.
HDI PCB is the abbreviation of High Density Interconnector. It is a kind of (technology) for the production of printed circuit boards. It is a circuit board with a relatively high line distribution density using micro-blind and buried via technology. HDI PCB is a compact product specially designed for small-capacity users, with micro vias ≤0.15m, and uses fine circuit technology to connect components in extremely small packages.
Rogers High Frequency PCB board refers to the special circuit board with higher electromagnetic frequency, which is used for high frequency (frequency greater than 300MHZ or wavelength less than 1 meter) and microwave (frequency greater than 3GHZ or wavelength less than 0.1 meter). The most commonly used materials are Rogers high-frequency laminate.
Blind vias and buried vias are used in the miniaturization and high integration requirements of electronic products. Blind vias and buried vias are introduced into high-density interconnect products, which can save space more effectively and make the line width and line spacing narrower and narrower To improve the circuit density of the PCB board.
Rigid-Flex PCB is a special circuit board formed by pressing rigid PCB and Flex PCB. The rigid and flexible parts are directly connected, eliminating the traditional board-to-board connector. Make the PCB design more compact and precise and better electrical performance. Usually used to save space, disassemble wiring components, and can also be welded with complex components.
Flexible PCB is made into conductor circuit patterns by using light imaging pattern transfer and etching processes on the surface of a flexible substrate. The surface and inner layers of double-sided and multilayer circuit boards are electrically connected through metalized holes. The surface of the circuit pattern is protected and insulated by PI and glue layer. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bendability.
The metal-based copper foil PCB generally consists of three parts: a metal plate, an insulating layer and a conductive material (usually copper foil). Generally, the core material is aluminum plate, copper plate, and stainless steel plate as the core material. The copper foil contains an ideal circuit design, and the metal base allows heat to be dissipated with the help of the dielectric placed between the layers, so that the heat dissipation performance is good. It is widely used in lighting products, audio equipment, power supply equipment, and communication products.
High TG Thick Copper PCB, the material 's Tg≥170℃, and any inner layer or outer layer completes a printed circuit board with copper thickness ≥3oz, which is high TG thick copper. It has the characteristics of carrying large current, reducing thermal strain, and good heat dissipation. The application fields ofHigh TG Thick Copper PCB include: mobile phones, microwaves, aerospace, satellite communications, network base stations, hybrid integrated circuits, power high-power circuits, etc.
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Rogers High Frequency PCB
  • Buried & Blind PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Metal Base (core) PCB
  • High TG Thick Copper PCB

Products & Services

Proven Technology

Professional R&D on high density HDI, multi-layer PCB, rigid-flex PCB. Embedding technology of small size core, thick GEM, PCB with special requirements from industries like Telecom / medical / automotive, and etc.

Qualified Materials

Sourcing high quality materials from Rogers, Shengyi, Wazam, Dupont, Rohmhass, Atotech and other excellent suppliers to choose the best ones.

Independent Production Line

When you order advanced PCBs from PCBWay, you are buying quality that pays for itself over time. In the comparison chart below you can see where the advanced PCB is unique or goes beyond the IPC standard.

Process capability

JRPanel is committed to providing more assistance to high-end PCB market, making it more convenient and fast to purchase high-end
PCB. The company has professional PCB design engineers,Professional technical support and services can ensure the reliability and
stability of the product, for the product quality escort.



  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Quantity
  • Material
  • Ink,Soldermasks
  • Drilling
  • Plating
  • Soldermask offset
  • Dimensional deviation
  • Warping angle
  • Test method
  • Glass transition ℃
  • Package
  • Inspection report
  • Standard
  • Etched line
  • Cleanliness
  • Certification

Advanced PCB



Industrial equipments, instrumentation, automotive
electronics, communication equipments, etc. Finished
products require high reliability and stable quality for users

  • Senior engineer (one file/6 hours)
  • individual working panel
  • ≥1 piece
  • Shengyi,Rogers,Arlon,Isola,Omega,Nelco,3M etc.
    Meet IPC4101 class B/L
  • Rohm&Haas,TAIYO,Kuangshun,Meet IPC-SM-840 class T
  • Min Mechanical Hole Size 0.15mm,Laser hole 0.1mm
  • PTH (Hole copper thickness≥20um),IPC 3(25um)
  • ±2mil
  • ±0.13mm
  • 0.75%
  • A.O.I,Kelvin Four-terminal sensing,Microsection
    Inspection,Solderability Test,Impedance Test...
  • >140℃
  • Humidity indicator cards
  • Inspection report
  • IPC Class 2,IPC Class 3,Automotive Standard,
    Customer Standard
  • Forbid to repair tracks
    (IPC 3,Automotive,Customer Standard)
  • Cleanliness requirements beyond those of IPC
  • UL,ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,ISO/TS16949:2009,
    RoHS etc.

Standard PCB

inexpensive , FAST


Children's toys, small appliances, home lighting, functional testing, electronic enthusiasts, etc. Suitable for users whose prices are core competitiveness

  • mid-level engineer (5 files/hours)
  • mixed working panel
  • 5,10,15,20,25...pieces
  • KB(kingboard)/GDM(goldenmax)
    Meet IPC4101 class B/L
  • TAIYO,Kuangshun,Meet IPC-SM-840 class T
  • Min Mechanical Hole Size 0.2mm
  • PTH(Hole copper thickness≥18um)
  • ±3mil
  • ±0.2mm
  • 1%
  • A.O.I.,Fly Probe Testing
  • >130℃
  • None
  • None
  • IPC Class 2
  • -
  • Meet IPC standards
  • UL,ISO9001:2015,RoHS etc.

Factory Scale

JRPanel has formed a highly specialized team, high-end production equipment, can provide 1-64 layers of production and processing capabilities, including HDI boards,
blind buried vias, and a variety of advanced precision multilayer PCB, helping many high-end precision PCB today Production and improve R&D efficiency.

Laser Drilling

Laser Drilling

Minimum aperture up to 0.1mm for high-density interconnection (HDI) build-up multi-layer PCB, with electrical conduction between wirings on each layer controlled through interlayer vias. Currently laser drilling machines are extensively applied in processing of the Interlayer via-holes.

PCB Via Hole Plugging

PCB Via Hole Plugging

Via Fill is a special PCB manufacturing technique used to selectively and completely close via holes with epoxy. There are many instances in which a PCB designer might want to have a via filled. Some key benefits are:More reliable surface mountsIncreased assembly yieldsImproved reliability by decreasing the probability of trapped air or liquids.

Plating Through Holes

Plating Through Holes

Real-time monitoring of chemical quality in copper plating sinks.The aim of electroless copper is to plate a conductive layer through a hole or into a blind microvia.

Vacuum Etching

Vacuum Etching

Using the vacuum etching technology to make sure that both surfaces of the board are very uniform. it produces a straighter conductor profile, allowing the resulting plate to more accurately match the wiring requirements.

Testing Procedures

JRPanel adheres to the business philosophy of "Customer satisfaction, Fast delivery, Personal creativity, and Team spirit", with the
quality policy of "Meeting customer requirements, Achieving perfect results and Continuous Improvement". We are sincerely look
forward to working with you to create a better future!

  • PCB Visual inspection

  • Flying Probe Tes

  • AOI Testingt

  • ICT (In-Circuit Test)

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Wide Application

JRPanel products are widely used in high-tech fields such as communications, power supplies, computer networks, digital products,
industrial control, science and education, medical care, aerospace, and national defense.

Power Supply
Digital Product
Science &

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