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In-Mold Decoration-IMD

JRPanel provides a one-stop full process service to meet the following customer needs at one go:
Industrial design, appearance design, product design for multiple or integral exterior decorative products and components;
Integrated requirements for product texture, color, pattern, effect, touch and function;
Development, mass production, testing and delivery of production equipment and molds.

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In-Mold Decoration

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) is the most popular surface decoration technology in the world. A molding method in which a printed film is placed in a metal mold and the resin for molding is injected into the mold to bond with the film so that the printed film and the resin are combined into a finished product. The product has excellent appearance, good three-dimensionality, and strong wear resistance, and is widely used in automotive, home appliances, consumer electronics, medical electronics, and other fields.


IMD technology refers to the surface material injection molding technology, which combines the traditional injection molding technology with post-processing technology, integrated molding. It breaks through the traditional plastic-case design limitations, can achieve a variety of design effects. It is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has been described as a "plastic revolution".

Traditional plastic exterior processing

Traditional plastic exterior processing starts with injection molding, followed by printing, painting, plating and
other post-processing. However, due to the high defect rate of these post-processing processes, traditional
plastic exterior processing is severely limited, especially for parts with complex shapes.

Material Service Temperature (℃) Characteristics Range of Application
POM 190~220 White; Good Formability; Ductility Bearing bushings; Gears; Electrical; Springs
PC 265~320 Transparent; Good Formability Instruments;Medical Devices; Bulletproof Glass
ABS 190~220 Creamy Yellow; Formability; Ductility Toys;Furniture; Machine Case; Daily Necessities
PMMA 180~250 Transparent; Good Formability Lens;Instrument Case; Lampshade; Billboard
PBT 220~270 Transluscent; Ductility Mchinery Accessories; Nuts; Valves; Protective Masks
LDPE 160~210 Transluscent; Ductility; Good Formability Plastic Bags; Toys; Plastic Bottles; Plastic Flowers; Wires
PP 160~230 Transluscent; Good Formability Plastic Bags; Toys; Daily necessities
PVC 150~200 Can Be Transparent; Good Formability Hose; Hard Tube; Soft Board; Hard Board; Wire; Shoe
GPPS 180~280 Transparent; Brittle; Good Formability Stationery; Daily Necessities; Lampshade; Instrument Case
HIPS 190~260 White; Good Formability; Ductility Daily necessities; Household Appliances; Machine Case
PA66 200~320 White; Good Formability; Ductility Machinery parts; Gears; Tool Housings; Electrical Appliances


IMD is a relatively new automated production process that simplifies production steps and reduces disassembly compared to traditional
processes, thus saving time and costs by enabling rapid production. As the most efficient method available, IMD/IML eliminates
secondary work procedures and plays an important role, especially when dealing with complex ones. This technology can even replace
many traditional exterior decoration methods such as heat transfer, painting, printing, plating, etc.

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  • Scratch-resistant

    IMD products are scratch
    -resistant, corrosion
    -resistant, and have a
    long service life;

  • Highly-durable

    Since the ink is in the middle
    of the film/sheet and injection
    molding, the printed graphics
    will not be damaged by
    friction or chemical action;

  • Cost-effective

    Graphics, logos and color
    designs can be changed at
    any time without changing

  • More selective

    A variety of graphics, colors
    and font designs are available
    to meet various customization


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