Excellent Membrane Keypad for my ventilator.Silkscreen is well defined.I even received 13 pieces instead of 10. The communication regarding the execution details of the project was excellent.
Fantastic work! Am very pleased with the quality and speed with which this order was processed. I look forward to using this service again. Keep it up! Great membrane switch, great adhesive, great screen printing and great buttons.
The membrane keypad is made of high quality. The graphics are well screen printed. quickly!precisely!carefully! I have no problems with JRPanel. 3 orders from them and all are very impressive. better than jnwhiteusa and pacificwestamerica.
My friend has placed order from JRPanel for 3 times and he recommended me to use their service. Just like what said to me, JRPanel's service indeed fast and reliable. I am very satisfied! Thanks to my friend and JRPanel!
This was my very first own design of a membrane keypad. I found JRpanel to be an extremely inexpensive way to realize my projects. Apart from the shipping costs (which is not a fault of JRPanel) I cannot find any other manufacturer with a similarly good price/performance ratio. So I was very excited about my first own keypads. The production and delivery was very fast. I think in 5 days the boards arrived very well packed. The quality of the keypads really blew me away. I would not have expected that at this price. Since I still have a lot of ideas, I will probably have my membrane keypads manufactured even more often at JRPanel.
Amazing graphic overlays, perfect size for my tester and with amazing accurate silkscreen. All connections came out correct and provided a working product. looks fantastic. Shippping was incredibly fast and the product was well packaged. Will recommend this service to others and will also think about sharing my designs too. Many thanks
This prototype is my first time with JRPanel. I'm surprising for the panel quality and professional communication to confirm some technical information. In my case, the entire production was made in ... only 5 days, and they sent me the final product by DHL a saturday, DHL pick up the packet monday and in only 3 days, so the wednesday, packet was in my hand. Rating for JRPanel will be 10/5 !!! Very a great job. Congratulation and I see you soon for the next orders.
the panels came quite nice, I really liked the weight of the panels, it was really good with the connections from the top and bottom layer. currently I'm testing and so far the positive supply is working fine, need to check the negative as well. if I can add to this review then I'll update
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