After two tries, I finally wanted to hire a self-designed panel at JRPanel. The order, production and delivery were again very easy. After just 2 weeks, the 10 panels were delivered. The quality was (as with the first two deliveries) again very good (no errors noticed). Thanks again to JRPanel for this great work. Shortly I will present the project at JRPanel+ "Reviews".
This has been my first order at JRPanel for my 2 channel light control project. JRPanel did a perfect work, I had no issue with submitting manufacturing files, production and delivery was quick, the quality is well over my expectations. I am sure I will order again soon. Thank you.
This has been a wonderfull experience! I commited several errors along the way and was always guided and helped by my contact person. The final membrane switch is very nice and allowed me to keep pushing the project. Thank you JRPanel!!!
As always, instantaneous printing from the moment the design files have been uploaded. Results look excellent and professional. We are looking forward to playing with JRPanel and get ready programming. Hopefully most of the bugs in the previous version have been squashed now. We will definitely come back for more.
This was by far the fastest and most enjoyable experience I had with any online company. The order was manufactured, mailed and received within a week. Packaging was vacuumed packed and well protected inside a box. Thanks JRPanel for the great service. Highly recommended +++++
Excellent. Fast and perfect. I will order again the new version here, they have been extremely fast. Good print, perfect manifacture, they have respected exactly the instructions and the result is what I desidered. Also the cost is so good! I think this is the best company in the word you can trust for this kind of works. Many thanks
Good afternoon! I received the panels with my project. The quality of products is high. But due to the fact that this is my first project-the finished panels will have to be modified a little (some holes are smaller than the diameter) Thank you very much for your quality work. In my person, you will get a regular customer!
I got a very nice support, I made a little mistake and the support was fast and we could fix it. The membrane switch's looking very good and the was delivered very fast even with covid-19.We use this prototype item to do the durability, transparency, mechanical and electrical testing and all are perfect.thanks, JRPanel!