The quality of printed membrane panel is at a high level. Very good workmanship. I am satisfied. Would highly recommend.
JRPanel engineering team was very helpful in design and production. Once I uploaded my files, Erin would review them in time and point out the errors with suggestions for modification. JRPanel never disappoints, amazing membrane panel quality!
The customer service is very professional and the communication is very effective. I bought what I really need and want! The production is very efficient and professional, and I received the product soon after confirming the drawings. JRPanel cooperated with DHL, showing its responsibility to customers! I was surprised when I got the product, and it was almost exactly the same as the sample. After the trial, the function is normally available. My problem has been solved! Thank you all!
The membrane keypads as perfect as always. High level screen printing. I have never found any defect in the membrane keypads from JRPanel so far. I appreciate the high quality and fast service provided by JRPanel.
Water Treatment Analyzer Panel. Everything is fine. Made in 5 days, sent in 2 days, and delivered to my hand in 3 days. Tha quality is high at a low cost. I am very happy with the level of service.
I need a standard matrix keypad to complish my own project. Then JRPanel was recommended to me by my friend.As he says, the keypads are perfect and of high quality, and I can't believe it only takes 10 days to deliver my keypads to me. That is really amazing! Thanks JRPanel.
The project turned out very well. All the spacing is perfect and fits the case. * Tested & Inspected * 100% Operational Appreciate Erin's supportive and helpful advices.
Very nice LED windows embossment. Quick turn around time, helpful and super speedy service. It was really a great experience with JRPanel. Highly recommended!
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