Graphic Overlay Acrylic Panel
More Service IMD (In-Mold Decoration) Capative Membrane Switch Metal Dome Switch Array

Advantages of Membrane Switch

Ultra-low circuit resistance & Stable performance

Better suitable for modern precision electronic products with high density,
miniaturization and high reliability. 

Bendable and flexing

Coudn't 180 °bending

FPC Membrane Swith
Waterproof grade IP67

Graphic overlay
Upper adhesive
Seal ring
PET fixed layer
Spacer + Metal domes
Lower circuit
Rear adhesive

Main differences between FPC Membrane switch
and Conventional Membrane Switch


High cost

  • Min. track spacing: 0.05mm
  • Min. track width: 0.05mm
  • Min: 0.05mm

If the customer's product requires 0.5mm spacing, and the resistance value is required, the FPC membrane switch can well meet the customer's requirements. the FPC can achieve the track width/spacing of 0.1/0.1mm, and the resistance value is small, also can do 0.5mm pitch cable, this can be suitable for some relatively small products. FPC can also install metal-domes, so FPC membrane switch combines the advantages of flexible circuit boards and metal domes, whcih can well reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, and it is better suitable for modern precision electronic products with high density, miniaturization and high reliability. 


Price ratio

  • Min. track spacing: 0.5mm
  • Min. track width: 0.5mm
  • Min: 0.5mm

The circuit layer of the conventional membrane switch uses the screen printing process to print the silver paste tracks onto the PET substrate to form a circuit layer and assemble it into the membrane switch. Routinely printed silver paste tracks require width/spacing at least more than 0.5/0.5mm, which is more suitable for 1.0mm, 1.27mm and 2.54mm pitch cable. The resistance of silver paste is higher than that of etched copper tracks. 

  • Items
  • FPC Capability
  • Number of layers
  • 1 to 10 layers
  • FPC single piece size (max.) 
  • 250mm x 700mm
  • FPC thickness (thinnest)
  • 0.075mm
  • Min. Hole Diameter
  • 0.1mm
  • Drilling tolerance
  • ±0.025mm
  • Hole plated copper thickness
  • ≥10μm
  • Minimum track width/ spacing
  • 0.05mm / 0.05mm
  • Etched tracks ' tolerance
  • ±10%
  • Min. test pad 
  • 0.1mm
  • Min. outline tolerances
  • Ordinary Steel die mould ±0.1mm. 

    Precision Steel die mould ±0.05mm

  • ENIG thickness
  • 1μ"-3μ"

FPC General Process Flow Diagram

Provide the Gerber file of FPC



  • Smart Home Field

  • Medical Equipment Field

  • Precision electronic products

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