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Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch

With the development of human-computer interaction, the traditional physical switches are transformed into capacitive touch switches (CapSense), and the users' demand for touch switches is increasing day by day. The touch membrane switch combines the functionality and surface decoration of electronic products better, which making it more lightweight and flexible. 

Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch 

No need to press
You can control it when you touch it

Not easy to damage
Longer service life

The capacitive touch membrane switch does not have any mechanical parts, Not easy to damage, has a longer service life, and reduces later maintenance costs. The capacitive touch button sensing part can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic) and it can be easily made into a keyboard sealed with the surrounding environment. 

The touch film is achieved through a variety of conductive materials through different processes (such as screen printing, or coating, etc.). The main feature of this product is that the button area needs to be both conductive and transparent, and a very important feature of the touch switch is lighting, which is one of the reasons why transparent electrodes are needed. At the same time, it is also a key feature that is different from other products. 

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Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch

Break the
mechanical keys

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Compared with the conventional printed silver circuit, the Capacitive touch membrane switch prints low resistance conductive silver paste on the middle transparent PET material, and the keypad polymer transparent conductive ink has both light transmission and touch sensing function. Compared with the traditional mechanical keys, the capacitive touch membrane switch are not only beautiful, but also durable and have a longer life. It breakes the traditional mechanical keys. As long as you touch it lightly, you can realize the switch control, quantitative adjustment and even direction control of the keys. 

Use transparent conductive ink,
the resistance value can reach to



Light transmittance

Its flexibility is tested
on the bending amplitude of 8mm



Within 500H loop testing time, the
resistance value changes of the

Capacitive Transparent Switch: ITO

Principle and parameters
of the capacitive touch
membrane switch

Flexible Circuit Layer

For the Capacitive touch membrane switch, it is integrated design of touch sensing circuit and keys function, and back printed flexible anti-folding soft tracks, Front printed switch function prompt and transparent display characters. It is light and thin, total thickness is about 0.15mm. this is suitable for installation in translucent plastic shell or PC/Acrylic panel, The capacitive touch membrane switch can not be seen outside the product when light off. When LED are on, the product surface shows the switch icons and character pattern. 

The capacitive touch membrane switch,
it no need to press, just use the finger to touch the button area, it will trigger the function of the relevant keys, with the LED light indication with uniform light,
it is full sense of science and technology. 


The capacitive touch membrane switch features: light and thin materials, small size, dustproof and waterproof because it does not need direct contact with the outside, with LED and display window transparent, clear keys, sensitive response, easy access,

It is widely used in intelligent electronic measuring instruments, medical instruments, computer control, CNC machine tools, electronic scales, post and telecommunications, photocopiers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, fans, washing machines. Electronic game consoles and other industrial and household appliances.

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