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Production Process

Advanced PCB

JRPanel is a one-stop smart manufacturer with many years of experience in manufacturing electronics and industrial products with many years of PCB manufacturing experience. Advanced PCB is now launched to realize a more convenient procurement platform for customers.

JRPanel can provide many types of PCB manufacturing, such as: Multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, Rogers High Frequency PCB, Buried & Blind PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, Flexible PCB, Metal Base (core) PCB, High TG Thick Copper PCB.

PCB Production Process

The production of PCB requires complex processes, and each step must be carefully and meticulously, and every process 
has to be tested to ensure that the PCB is produced correctly.

film & tools
03.Flim / Exposure /
04.Etch Inner
05.AOI Checking
and Bond
12.AOI Checking
11.Etch external layers
10.Pattern Plating
09.Flim / Exposure /
08.Electroless copper
07.Drilling the PCB
13.Print Soldermask oil
14.Surface Finish
15.Profile / Vcut / Route
16.Electrical Test
17.Final Inspection
18.Packaging / Shipping

Advanced High-quality
PCB Manufacturing Capabilities


Technical Index     Mass Batch Small Batch Sample
Base Material FR4 Normal Tg Shengyi S1141、KB6160、Huazhen H140 (not suitable for lead free process)
Middle Tg For HDI、Multi Layers: SY S1000H、ITEQIT158、HuazhengH150; TU-662
High Tg For Thick Copper、High Layer: SY S1000-2; ITEQIT180A; HuazhengH170;
ISOLA:FR408R; 370HR; TU-752;
Halogen Free Middle Tg: SY S1150G、HuazhengH150HF、H160HF; High Tg: SY S1165
High CTI CTI≥600 SY S1600、Huazheng H1600HF、H1600A
High Frequency Rogers、 Arlon、Taconic、SY SCGA-500、S7136; HuazhengH5000
High Speed SY S7439; TU-862HF、TU-872SLK; ISOLA: I-Speed、I-Tera@MT40
Huazheng: H175、H180、H380
Flex Material Base Glue-free: Dupont AK Xingyang W-type, Panosonic RF-775
Coverlay SY SF305C、Xingyang Q-type
Special PP No Flow PP: VT-447LF, Taiguang 370BL Arlon 49N
Ceramic Filled Adhesive Sheet: Rogers4450F
PTFE Adhesive Sheet: Arlon6700、Taconic FR-27 / FR-28
Double-sided CoatingPI: Xingyang N-1010TF-mb
Metal Base Berguist Al-base 、Huazheng Al-base、Chaosun Al-base、Copperbase
Special High Heat Resistance Rigidity PI: Tenghui VT-901、Arlon 85N、SY S260 (Tg250)
High Thermal Conductivity Material: 92ML
Pure Ceramic Material: Alumina Ceramic、Aluminum Nitride Ceramics
BT Material: Taiwan Nanya NGP-200WT
Layers FR4 24 36 64
Rigid & Flex / (Flex) 16 (12) 20 (12) 24 (16)
High Frequency Mixed Lamination 12 18 24
100% PTFE 4 12 18
HDI 2 steps 3 steps 4 steps
Delivery Size (mm) Max (mm) 460*560 460*560 550*900
Min (mm) 20*20 10*10 5*10
Width / Gap Inner (mil) 0.5OZ base copper: 3/3 1.0OZ base copper: 4/4 2.0OZ base copper: 5/6
3.0OZ base copper: 7/9 4.0OZ base copper: 8/12 5.0OZ base copper: 10/15
6.0OZ base copper: 12/18 10 OZ base copper: 18/24 12 OZ base copper: 20/28
Outer (mil) 1/3OZ base copper: 3/3 0.5OZ base copper: 4/4 1.0OZ base copper: 5/5
2.0OZ base copper: 6/8 3.0OZ base copper: 7/10 4.0OZ base copper: 8/13
5.0OZ base copper: 10/16 6.0OZ base copper: 12/18 10 OZ base copper: 18/24
12 OZ base copper: 20/28 15 OZ base copper: 24/32
Line Width Tolerance >5.0 mil ±20% ±20% ±1.0mil
≤5.0 mil ±1.0mil ±1.0mil ±1.0mil
Copper Thickness Inner Layer (OZ) 4 6 12
Out Layer (OZ) 4 6 15
Board Thickness (mm) 0.5-5.0 0.4-6.5 0.4-11.5
Final Board Thickness >1.0 mm ±10% ±8% ±8%
≤1.0 mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Board Thickness/drill Bit 10:1 12:1 13:1
Contour Bevel Edge 20~60 degree; ±5degree
Bow And Twist ≤0.75% ≤0.75% ≤0.5%

Drill & Hole

Technical Index     Mass Batch Small Batch Sample
Drilling Min Laser (mm) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Min CNC (mm) 0.2 0.15 0.15
Max CNC Drill Bit (mm) 6.5 6.5 6.5
Min Half Hole (mm) 0.5 0.4 0.4
PTH Hole (mm) Normal 6.5 6.5 6.5
Pressing Hole 0.5 0.4 0.4
Hole Angle (conical) Width of upper diameter≤6.5mm:800、900、1000、1100
Width of upper diameter≥6.5mm:900
Precision of Depth-control Drilling (mm) ±0.10 ±0.075 ±0.05
Number of blind CNC holes of one side ≤2 ≤3 ≤4
Minimum via hole spacing (different network,
military, medical, automobile) mm
0.50 0.45 0.40
Minimum via hole spacing (different network, general
industrial control and consumer electronic) mm
0.4 0.35 0.3
The minimum hole wall spacing of the over hole
(the same network mm)
0.20 0.20 0.15
Minimum hole wall spacing (mm) or device holes 0.80 0.70 0.70
The minimum distance from via hole to the inner
copper or line
0.2 0.18 ≤10L: 0.15
>10L: 0.18
The min distance from Device hole to inner
copper or line
0.3 0.27 0.25
Welding Ring (mil) Via Hole 4 (HDI 3mil) 3.5 (HDI 3mil) 3
Component Hole 8 6 6
Final Board Thickness >1.0 mm ±10% ±8% ±8%
≤1.0 mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
CNC Contour Tolerance (mm) ±0.15 ±0.10 ±0.10
V-CUT Tolerance of Residual Thickness (mm) ±0.15 ±0.10 ±0.10
Routing Slot (mm) ±0.15 ±0.10 ±0.10
Precision of Controlled Deep Milling (mm) ±0.15 ±0.10 ±0.10

Solder Mask

Technical Index     Mass Batch Small Batch Sample
Solder Dam (mil) (solder mask) 5 4 4
(hybrid) 6 5 5

Surface Treatments

Technical Index     Mass Batch Small Batch Sample
Surface Treatments Immersion Gold Ni Thickness
(micro inch)
118-236 118-236 118-236
Max Gold (uinch) 3 3 6
Hard Gold (Au thick) Gold Finger (uinch) 15 30 60
NiPdAu NI (uinch) 118-236
PA (uinch) 2-5
AU (uinch) 1-5
Graph Electric Gold NI (uinch) 120-400
AU (uinch) 1-3
Immersion Tin Tin (uinch) 0.8-1.2
Immersion Ag Ag (uinch) 6-10
OSP Thick (uinch) 0.2-0.5
HAL / HAL LF BGApad (uinch) ≥0.3×0.3
Thickness (uinch) 0.6≤H≤3.0
Board Thickness vs
Hole Diameter
Press hole≤3:1
Tin (um) 2.0-40.0

Rigid & Flex

Technical Index     Mass Batch Small Batch Sample
Rigid & Flex Maximum dielectric thickness of flex Glue-free 25um Glue-free 75um Glue-free 75um
Flex part width (mm) ≥10 ≥5 ≥2
Max delivery size (mm) 200×400 200×500 400×550
Distance of via hole to edge of Rigid&flex (mm) ≥1.2 ≥1.0 ≥0.8
Distance of components hole to the edge of R & F (mm) ≥1.5 ≥1.2 ≥1.0
Rigid & Flex Structure The outer layer structure
of the flex part, the PI
reinforcement structure
and the separation
Aluminum based rigid flex, rigid flex HDI,
combination, electromagnetic shielding film

Rigid & Flex

Technical Index     Mass Batch Small Batch Sample
Special Tech Back drilling PCB, metal
sandwich, thick copper
buried blind hole, step
slot, disc hole, half hole,
mixed lamination
Buried magnetic core
Buried capacitor /
resistor, embedded
copper in partial area,
100% ceramic PCB,
buried riveting nut PCB,
embedded components

4+6+4 HDI stackup Layer buildup/
Stackup Reference

In other special cases or Advanced PCBs (you need to choose " Additional Options" and custom stackup or control impedance):
1. If you need custom stackup or control impedance, we will manufacture according to your requirement.
2. After place order, we will calculate whether it meets the requirements based on the stackup, material and impedance information. Also we will confirm with you.

PCB Capabilities Quick-turn PCB

Items   Manufacturing Capabilites Remarks
Number of Layers / 1-10 layers For orders above 10 layers, please view the below "Standard PCB"
or contact our sales rep.
Material / FR-4, Aluminum For Flex, Rigid-flex, Metal-based (Aluminum etc.), HDI, Halogen-free,
High Tg, etc., please view the below "Standard PCB" or contact sales rep.
Maximum PCB Size
/ 500*1100mm (min 5*6mm) pAny sizes beyond this dimension, please view the below "Standard PCB"
or contact sales rep.
Board Size Tolerance
/ ±0.2mm / ±0.5mm ±0.2mm for CNC routing, and ±0.5mm for V-scoring.
Board Thickness 0.2-2.4mm 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4mm. Please view the below
"Standard PCB" or contact us if your board exceeds these.
Board Thickness
Tolerance (t≥1.0mm)
/ ±10% Normally "Tolerance" ill occur due to PCB processing steps such as
electroless copper, solder mask and other types of finish on the surface.
Board Thickness
Tolerance (t<1.0mm)
/ ±0.1mm
Min Trace 0.1mm / 4mil Min manufacturable trace is 4mil (0.1mm), strongly suggest to design trace
above 6mil (0.15mm) to save cost.
Min Spacing Min manufacturable spacing is 4mil (0.1mm), strongly suggest to design
spacing above 6mil (0.15mm) to save cost.
Outer Layer Copper
1oz / 2oz / 3oz (35μm / 70μm / 105μm Also known as copper weight. 35μm=1oz, 70μm=2oz, 105μm=3oz. Please
view the below "Standard PCB" or contact us if you need copper weight
greater than 3oz.
Inner Layer Copper
oz/1.5oz (35μm / 50μm) Inner copper weight as per customer’s request for 4 and 6 layers (Multi-
layer laminated structure). Please contact us if you need copper weight
greater than 1.5oz.
Drill Sizes (CNC) 0.2-6.3mm Min drill size is 0.2mm, max drill is 6.3mm. Any holes greater than 6.3mm
or smaller than 0.3mm will be subject to extra charges.
Min Width of
Annular Ring
0.15mm (6mil) For pads with vias in the middle,
Min width for Annular Ring is 0.15mm (6mil).
Finished Hole
Diameter (CNC)
0.2mm-6.2mm The finished hole diameter will be smaller than size of drill bits because of
copper plating in the hole barrels
Finished Hole
Size Tolerance (CNC)
/ ±0.08mm For example, if the drill size is 0.6mm, the finished hole diameter ranges
from 0.52mm to 0.68mm will be considered acceptable.
Solder Mask LPI Liquid Photo-Imageable is the mostly adopted. Thermosetting Ink is used
in the inexpensive paper-based boards.
Minimum Character
Width (Legend)
0.15mm Characters of less than 0.15mm wide will be too narrow to be identifiable.
Minimum Character
Height (Legend)
/ 0.8mm Characters of less than 0.8mm high will be too small to be recognizable.
Character Width to
Height Ratio (Legend)
/ 1:5 In PCB silkscreen legends processing, 1:5 is the most suitable ratio
Minimum Diameter of
Plated Half Holes
/ 0.6mm Design Half-Holes greater than 0.6mm to ensure better connection
between boards.
Surface Finishing HASL with lead
HASL lead free
Immersion gold, OSP
The most popular three types of PCB surface finish. Please view the below
"Standard PCB" or contact us for other finishes.
Solder Mask Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte black, Matte green
Silkscreen White, Black, None White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Grey
Panelization V-scoring,
Tab-routing with Perforation (Stamp Holes)
Leave min clearance of 1.6mm between boards for break-routing. For V-
score panelization, set the space between boards to be zero.
Others / Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I.
testing (free), ISO 9001:2008 ,UL
Fly Probe Testing
Testing Fixture
A.O.I Testing
ISO9001:2008 UL Certificate