Member Notice

Member Notice

JRPanel Open Notice (Update)

Due to the sudden outbreak of the virus, all Chinese factories need to postpone work, and each factory needs approval from the Chinese government. Please understand that it is important to control the virus and keep everyone safe.

JRPanel has applied at the fastest speed, and now our fab has been approved by the Chinese government to open and can be opened from February 22, 2020.

Indeed, although our factory has been approved for opening, it affects that not all workers return immediately. It also needs to medical protective supplies during the production process, and it needs cooperation from other factories (which may haven't get approval yet), so the real recovery may not be fast. Please understand it. 
But please rest assured that we will arrange production and arrange shipment accordingly at our fastest time. 

At present, Online ordering, Order Review, and Payment are all normal on JRPanel. 
You are welcome to place orders and confirm the production drawing during as usual. 

Any questions, pls feel free to contact us through email :
We will reply at our first time.

Feb 21, 2022