Why Do Membrane Switches Need Surface Treatment with Matte Oil

We often do surface treatment to the membrane switches with matt-top. High quality and professional surface treatment with matt-top improves the appearance and durability. So what exactly are the benefits of matt-top surface treatment for membrane switches? First of all, This treatment helps improve durability. It provides additional protection to the graphic overlays of membrane switches, making them more resistant to scratches, scuffs and other wear and tear. This is especially important for certain switches that are subjected to harsh environmental conditions, or frequent use. Second, it makes a better look. The matte oil finish provides a much better appearance for membrane switches. It also reduces fingerprints and smudges, making the switch easier to clean and maintain. Finally, it enhances tactile feedback. This treatment enhances the elastic feedback. The anti-slip texture of the facing provides better friction, making the switch easier to activate and reducing the po
Membrane Switch, Surface Treatment
Release time:Mar 31, 20234746