Steps of Putting Matte Oil on Membrane Switch

The surface treatment with matte oil effectively improves the appearance and durability. Therefore, this treatment is always associated with membrane switches. So what are steps of the surface treatment with matte oil? First of all, clean the surface. Clean the surface of the graphic overlay to ensure that it is free of any debris or contamination. Otherwise, Those things interfere with the adhesion of the matte oil coating. Next, apply the coating. Apply the matte oil coat to the surface of the graphic overlay by specialized printing process. We typically make the coating with UV-curable inks or varnishes. These things are applied in a pattern to achieve a consistent, uniform finish. Finally, harden the coating. Once we finish the coating, it is hardened by UV light or heat, depending on the specific formulation. This ensures the coating being fully cured and adhered to the surface of graphic overlay. After the above steps are completed, quality test is necessary. The test e
Membrane Switch, Matte Oil, Surface Treatment
Release time:Apr 4, 20235042