How to Prevent the Window from Being Scratched?-JRPanel

How to Prevent the Window from Being Scratched? If the quality of the membrane switch / Graphic overlay is to be good, then its window must be bright & glossy. So how can we prevent the window from being scratched? usually use the following 5 ways to protect the window area: #1. Keep the workshop dust-free. The printing workshop must be kept dust-free, and the workshop can be kept dust-free by regularly sprinkling water. #2. the substrate must be kept free of dust, otherwise it is extremely easy to scratch the window, and electrostatic adsorption can be used to remove dust. #3. Check whether there are debris on the mold repeatedly during the production process to prevent the window from being crushed. The window area of the silk screen mesh should be particularly noted, and sand-eyes should not be allowed to prevent oil leakage in the window area.
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