How to Customize Membrane Switches And Graphic Overlays

You may not know much about the steps of customizing membrane switches and graphic overlays. Now, JRPanel introduces you this whole process. First of all, customers contact us, and provide drawings and samples. The business department will confirm the drawings with customers, and hand over the information to the technical department. Next, the technical department creates drawings, and submits the plan to the production department. Then, the production department arranges the screen printing workshop for plate making, ink adjustment, screen printing, drying, screen cleaning. Workers make the silkscreen printing products. The assembly department finishes the job of embossing, cutting, punching, assembling and cleaning. Quality inspectors test circuits and inspect products with professional instruments. Finally, we pack the products, and confirm quantity. The delivery will be in different ways according to customer requirements.
Membrane Switch, Graphic Overlay
Release time:Apr 12, 202360824