Common Equipment for Sheet Metal Blanking

In the process of Sheet Metal manufacturing, blanking is usually the first step. In this video, JRPanel would like to introduce you 3 kinds of equipment for Sheet Metal Blanking. Shearing Machine: Shearing machine uses a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade to apply shearing force to metal sheets of various thicknesses by using a reasonable blade gap to make the sheets break and separate according to the required size. The shearing machine has the advantages of high processing accuracy and fast speed. Laser Cutting Machine: The surface of the material after laser cutting is very smooth. Laser cutting is not affected by shape complexity. Laser can cut sheet into any shape, regardless of complexity CNC Turret Punch: The CNC punching machine has a fast processing speed, and can automatically complete complex hole patterns and shallow stretch forming processing (such as shutters, countersunk holes) at one time.
Sheet Metal Blanking, Shearing Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Turret Punch
Release time:Apr 15, 20221880