Brief Introduction to PCB Transformers

PCB planar transformers can be constructed from stand-alone standard laminated circuits or small multilayer PCB assemblies, or integrated into a power supply multilayer PCB. JRPanel is very optimistic about the application of planar transformers. We have been patented for several types of planar transformers. One of our patents provides a technical solution for changing the magnetic field distribution of a transformer by varying the width of each turn of the coil, thereby changing the coupling performance and AC losses. This patented technology features the ability to adjust the leakage inductance and AC resistance of the planar transformer to actual requirements. JRPanel has extensive experience in custom PCB transformers that you can trust. Learn more about transformers, welcome to follow JRPanel!
PCB Transformers, Power Supply, Leakage Inductance
Release time:May 26, 2022900