3 Special Crafts in Membrane Switch Manufacturing -- Light Color Background

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Apr 21, 20222746

3 Special Crafts in Membrane Switch Manufacturing -- Light Color Background

In last week, we have explained you the second special crafts in Membrane Switch Manufacturing -- Glossy Window with Matte Surface. The special process we are going to introduce today is probably the most special one, which you may never have heard of. JRPanel named it Light Color Background.




As the name implies, the background here refers to the background of the graphic layer of the membrane switch product. So what kind of color is considered as light color? Let's take a look at this color comparison image.


Four colors are shown in this image: 20% Gray, 10% Gray, 5% Gray and White. In JRPanel, if the background color is lighter than 20% Gray, then it meets the definition of a light background.




For the light backgrounds mentioned above, JRPanel will always take a second printing. At the JRPanel factory, screen printing is done in layers, and the background color is usually printed first. During the first printing of the light background, our engineers found that the panel also had some light transmission. If the panel is mounted on an LED or LCD at this time, we will find that some of the light will penetrate the light colored panel, causing the entire panel to " shine".


However, JRPanel's engineers found that such problems would be effectively solved if the panel was printed again at this point. The second printing would be a more complete coating of the substrate. At this point, the entire panel is no longer translucent, although the color is still light. Since the background color is full enough, when all the colors are printed, the visual effect of the whole panel will be surprising.


Now JRPanel has explained all the 3 special crafts in Membrane Switch Manufacturing to you. In the future, we will continue to bring you knowledge about membrane switches in the future. Welcome to follow us!