5 New Types of Temperature Control Devices -- Monitoring the Transportation Temperature of Medical Items

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Oct 9, 202114740

5 New Types of Temperature Control Devices -- Monitoring the Transportation Temperature of Medical Items

1. TempSafe Electrocard Temperature Indicator

1.TempSafe Electrocard Temperature Indicator 

The new temperature indicator developed by Ynvisible Interactive in cooperation with SpotSee uses printed electronics. The TempSafe Electrocard is an electronic smart label that can measure temperatures as low as sub-zero. It uses an electrochromic display to visually indicate when the ambient temperature is above or below the threshold temperature.


The custom temperature indicator is a low-power, calibrated temperature indicator label, used for cold chain distribution and storage of medical products such as medicines, biological materials, and blood bags. The label can also be used for temperature-controlled transportation of high-quality food.


2. TransTracker CF Temperature Indicator


2.TransTracker CF Temperature Indicator

Chemical temperature indicators have been around for many years, but manufacturers continue to refine the technology for such single-use products.


The TransTracker series of chemical temperature indicators produced by Temptime and distributed by Cold Chain Technologies can be placed in the product's secondary packaging or shipping box for transportation of products that must be kept within a specific temperature range during the entire distribution process. These products include medical products, medicines and food.


The device monitors the temperature range throughout transportation and short-term storage, irreversibly discolors to mark freezing events, thermal excursions (temperature outside the acceptable range), and/or cumulative exposure defined by the brand owner.


TransTracker CF is a two-needle indicator for monitoring freezing events and potentially damaging thermal excursions. The indicator card contains the LIMITmarker F indicator, whose technology is based on the melting point of hot melt materials. The color of the marker changes from white to red/pink, indicating that the temperature has been higher than the predetermined threshold.


In order to indicate the freezing temperature, the TransTracker CF indicator also includes a FREEZEmarker indicator. When the indicator experiences a short-term freezing temperature, its green circle becomes cloudy white.


3. Cryopak MXP Temperature Recorder

 3.Cryopak MXP Temperature Recorder

The MXP temperature recorder from Cryopak, a subsidiary of Integreon Global, is an electronic device with an internal digital temperature sensor. The wireless compatible device can collect temperature data and present it in a detailed report, and use Windows and smart phone applications for data transmission.


The recorder can provide visual alarms (via color LEDs) and audio buzzers to notify users when temperature problems occur. In addition, when the package is opened, the light sensor in the device can detect and record. The recorder is mainly used in medicines, life science products, food and beverages, and cannabis.


4. InTemp CX405-RTD Dry Ice Data Logger


4.InTemp CX405-RTD Dry Ice Data Logger

Onset's new temperature data logger is specifically designed for ultra-low temperature transportation and storage of vaccines and medicines. The InTemp CX405-RTD dry ice data logger can measure the ambient temperature and is also equipped with a built-in temperature probe.


The digital recorder is placed outside the storage or transportation package, and uses a food-grade stainless steel probe to measure the temperature inside the package. Connect the probe to the recorder, the user can measure the temperature from -95 °C (-139 °F) to + 50 °C (+ 122 °F).


The recorder uses Bluetooth low energy technology for data transmission with Onset's mobile application and cloud platform. Therefore, users can easily set up the recorder and download data wirelessly. When a temperature deviation occurs (the temperature is outside the acceptable range), the user will receive a real-time notification via email or text.


The visual display allows the user to check the current temperature, view the minimum and maximum temperature readings, and receive a visual alarm when the temperature is above or below a specified level. The recorder can also provide an audible alarm, beeping every 15 seconds.


5. 3C\TEMP-ULTRA Temperature Recorder


4.InTemp CX405-RTD Dry Ice Data Logger

Marathon Products introduced the 3C\TEMP-ULTRA recorder, which is a programmable laboratory-grade electronic temperature recorder that uses an internal thermistor to record time and temperature.


The 3C\TEMP-ULTRA-200 C model has two temperature ranges. The device's internal sensor can track temperatures from -29°C to 72°C (-20°F to 161°F). The temperature range read by the external sensor/probe is -200°C to 300°C (-328°F to 572°F), which is suitable for liquid nitrogen storage and transportation.


The user can program the recorder with a custom temperature limit. If the limit is exceeded, the device’s liquid crystal display (LCD) will provide a visual alarm.


The recorder supports Near Field Communication (NFC)-capable of short-range wireless communication with Marathon's Android mobile application. The device can also be plugged into a standard USB port for use with Microsoft Windows.


The 3C\TEMP-ULTRA recorder is specially developed to measure and record the temperature during the transportation of medicines, vaccines, biological materials and chemicals-and record the temperature during the distribution process of perishable goods.


By now everyone should have discovered that the above five latest temperature indicator products all use membrane panel switches, a technology that has existed for decade. A sealed tactile membrane switch is a reliable, low-cost, proven approach to meet the demanding needs of the medical instrumentation market. It offers advantages with graphics, cleanliness, sealability, shielding, illumination, tactile feedback, and RoHS compliance. It provides the switch function with less weight and space, at a lower cost than most alternatives. As with any user interface technology, it is very important to choose the correct technology for the application.


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