3M Adhesive VS Ordinary Adhesive, Which One Has Stronger Viscosity?

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Aug 31, 202113844

3M Adhesive VS Ordinary Adhesive, Which One Has Stronger Viscosity?

As we have introduced before, whether it is a membrane switch, membrane keypad, or membrane panel, the bottom layer is a adhesive layer. This layer of adhesive will directly contact the product. Therefore, the quality of the adhesive also determines the quality of the membrane switch, panel, and keypad, as well as the quality of the product. This shows how important a high-quality adhesive is.


A high-quality adhesive needs to have a strong viscosity, so that the membrane panel switch can be attached to the product for a long time to ensure its service life. Today, we will show you the difference in viscosity between ordinary adhesive and high-quality adhesive.


Lets take out the membrane panel with ordinary adhesive.

Peel off the release paper and then we put it on the tilt table.



Take out a small steel ball and drop it from the highest point.

Unfortunately, the ball failed to stop on the adhesive, but rolled directly outside the stage. The ball is not even affected by the adhesive at all.


The next one is the genuine original 3M adhesive used by JRPanel, the type is 300LSE.



Like before, put it on the tilt table and drop the ball from the highest position.


Now you see the ball has been stopped by the adhesive due to its strong viscosity.


Through this comparative experiment, we can find that the adhesive properties of different brands vary greatly. If you want to feel the difference more intuitively, please watch this video:3M Adhesive VS Ordinary Adhesive


JRPanel has always used imported 3M genuine adhesives to ensure the high quality of your products.



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