Why Should the Membrane Switches Be Insulated?

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Jan 6, 2021482

Why Should the Membrane Switches Be Insulated?

I believe everyone has discovered that the membrane switches are insulated before they are shipped from the factory. As for the reason for doing this, let me explain it to everyone.


The material of the membrane switch is mainly PC(60~120℃\0.175~1.0) and PET(\-30~120℃\0.1~0.2). These two kinds of materials have poor chemical resistance and fatigue resistance, and are prone to stress cracking. The output interface terminal circuit is generally made of printed carbon material, and has no protective coating. It is oxidized by air and gradually forms a peeling layer, which will eventually lead to an open circuit and end of life. This is where the membrane switch is most prone to failure. And this kind of failure is mainly determined by the environment, no matter whether it is used or not, the physical damage time is 3-10 years, so insulation must be used for protection.


So if it is not insulated, it will cause a lot of problems and accidents, bringing a lot of unnecessary trouble.


To do a good insulation, a good sealing treatment is needed, to prevent the silver paste from falling off and avoid problems such as poor contact or short circuit of the switch.