Why Are Membrane Switches So Popular

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Why Are Membrane Switches So Popular

1. Introduction

Membrane switch is a multi-layer structure key switch composed of insulating material layers with certain elasticity. It is a flat and non-lock component, which integrates keys, indicating elements, and instrument panels. The action is only triggered by the vertical force of the elastic sheet. The sheet has undergone millions of peristalsis, and the amplitude is very small (only 0.1-0.3mm).


In addition, we select the material reasonably. As a result, the sheet material can withstand a maximum of more than one million times press without deformation, which determines the durability of membrane switch.


Membrane switches possess the benifits of good look (usually), long service life, simple structure, convenient installation, good user experience, and small footprint. They are widely brought into play in all walks of life, ranging from small household appliances to high-tech products. For those merits sake, this new type of component  gradually occupies a huge market share, and replaces tact switches in the market (in some fields).


2. Basic Structure


Generally speaking, a common membrane switch is mainly composed of 6 layers: graphic overlay, upper adhesive, upper circuit, spacer, lower circuit, and back adhesive. Let's talk about each one.

2.1 Graphic Overlay


The graphic overlay is the "coat" of the entire membrane switch. On the basis of properly arranging the buttons, it plays a necessary decorative role on the entire component through different colors, patterns, and button shapes. The whole graphic overlay plays the role of indication. So the selected materials must have the characteristics of high transparency, high ink adhesion, high elasticity, and folding resistance.


2.2 Upper Circuit & Lower Circuit


Upper circuit and lower circuit are the electrical elements of the membrane switch. They are also the crucial parts of the switch. Those performance directly affect the electrical appliances working. Those circuits are conductive material that add to the membrane. They are important eletrical roles that are responsible for switch closure. The thickness is generally within 0.05-0.175 mm. The most common one is 0.125 mm, and thats what JRPanel uses for the circuit layer.


2.3 Upper Adhesive & Spacer & Back Adhesive


The materials of these three layers are double-sided adhesive tape, which have different names due to their different positions in the membrane switch. The layers of double-sided tape have different thicknesses depending on the layers they are in. This is mainly determined by the thickness of the switch and the operating force of the button.


3. Working Principle


When you don't press the graphic overlay, the membrane switch is in a normal state. The upper and lower contacts are disconnected, and the isolation layer isolates the upper and lower circuits.


When the component starts to work, the contact of upper circuit deforms downward. In the meantime, it coincides with the lower circuit, and makes the circuit conductive. The conductive circuit sends a signal to the external connection instrument (substrate), so as to trigger the corresponding function.


When you release the finger, the contact of the upper circuit bounces back. The circuit is disconnected at the same time. The loop triggers a signal.

4. Features


· Small Size


The weight of a membrane switch usually ranges from a few grams to tens of grams, which is easy to carry and disassemble.


· Good Look


Modern silkscreen printing gets to work. The design is perfect. we are able to make any pattern you need. JRPanel has responsibility to satisfy customers' need.


· Sealing


We have professional team to engage in technical thing. Our membrane switches are guaranteed to work well. Remember those benefits? waterproof, oil resistance, anti-pollution, anti-static interference ···, there won't be an issue.


· Excellent Conductivity


We printed the circuits with carbon paste, silver paste, copper platinum, etc. The conductive layer can be folded at will. We have specialized technology to ensure the normal function even if the membrane switch suffers hundreds of thousands of volts.


· Low Cost


Worry about spending too much on membrane switches? Thinking of an electronic component with such multiple functions, you will be happy that we reduce your budget.


· Long Service Life


You have already konwn membrane switch very well. The material has features of good insulation, heat resistance, flexural resistance and high resilience.


There are other things you should know. The printing of the pattern is on the reverse side, so that the silkscreen pattern will not be damaged. Therefore, membrane switches have long service life. They can work for 2-million-time press or more than three years.


5. Conclusion


Membrane switches are not only widely applied to electronic instruments and medical equipment, but also in other electrical equipment such as automotive electronics, household appliances, and computer peripherals.


We can't live without handheld devices. Smart phones and tablet computers are what I'm talking about. The requirements for touch screen and other components are urgent. Membrane switches save almost all the operating space.


Membrane Switches are so popular in the world. JRPanel gains good reputation around customers. If you want to learn more about membrane switches, industrial design, PCB and sheet metal, come to visit JRPanel Blog.


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