Which Software Do You Use to Design PCB?

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Oct 21, 2020148836

Which Software Do You Use to Design PCB?

Membrane switches and PCBs are inextricably linked. This link is also reflected in the design process of the two. In order to design an efficient PCB and membrane switch, engineer must have a relatively handy design software. Let's take a look at the commonly used PCB/Membrane Switch design software. 

1.Protel/DXP/Altium Desginer

The reason why these softwares are put together is because they all belong to the same company.These softwares are relatively popular, easy to learn, and user-friendly, and have gained a lot of fans. The software has been developed so far and has formed a complete comprehensive electronic design system, including circuit schematic drawing, analog circuit and digital circuit mixed signal simulation, multi-layer printed circuit board design (including printed circuit board automatic wiring), programmable logic Device design, chart generation, spreadsheet generation, support for macro operations and other functions, and has a Client/Server (client/server) architecture.

2.Cadence allegro

Cadence allegro is the industry standard for high-speed signal designPCB Layout is very powerful. Simulation is also very powerful, with its own simulation tools, which can realize signal integrity simulation and power integrity simulation. Absolute dominance in the production of high-speed circuit boards. According to statistics, 60% of computer motherboards and 40% of mobile phone motherboards are drawn by Cadence, which shows how high its market share is.


PADS software is the circuit schematic diagram and PCB design tool software of MentorGraphics. At present, this software is one of the main circuit design software used by engineers and technicians engaged in circuit design in China, and it is the most commonly used tool software for high-end PCB design users. As the mainstream PCB design platform in the industry, PADS has been widely used in the most active industrial fields such as communications, semiconductors, consumer electronics, and medical electronics with its powerful interactive layout and easy-to-use features. PADS Layout/Router supports the complete PCB design process, covering import from schematic netlist, interactive layout and routing driven by rules, DRC/DFT/DFM verification and analysis, until the final production file (Gerber), assembly file And a full range of functional requirements such as bill of materials (BOM) output, to ensure that PCB engineers complete design tasks efficiently.

Which software do you use to design PCB? Leave a comment or email us to communicate.


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