What Software Do I Need to Learn for Graphic Design?

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Nov 14, 20201100

What Software Do I Need to Learn for Graphic Design?

When faced with many graphic design software, beginners often don’t know where to start. There are countless graphic design softwares listed. The main software that is most commonly used by graphic designers is nothing more than the following four: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator And Indesign. These four graphic design softwares have their own strengths and have their unique advantages when encountering different design projects. These four softwares are also the four courses that must be taught in the graphic design training class, so far they are still classics.


Next, the designers of JRPanel will briefly talk about his use of these four graphic design software in his work based on his own work experience, hoping to give some reference to friends who are self-taught in graphic design.


1. All-rounder Photoshop


In my design work, the most used software is PS. I used PS to design graphic posters and roll-up banners, and it feels very easy to use. Of course, PS handles pictures, color correction, and special effects synthesis. These are the best strengths of PS. In addition, you can use PS for logo design, album layout, and business cards, but it's a bit clumsy.


For those who are new to graphic design, you can start with Photoshop. After you have mastered the operation of PS software, come to learn other software, you can get started quickly. At this point, you will find that the interface frameworks of these graphic design software are similar, so you should focus on understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different software when learning, and be familiar with the operation of commonly used commands. You can choose the software in a targeted manner when you design. Improve efficiency.


2. Vector software Coreldraw

CorelDRAW Graphic Suite is referred to as "CDR", which is a vector graphics production tool software of Canadian Corel Company. This software provides designers with various design scenarios such as graphic illustration, photo editing, page layout, and web design.

When I was learning CDR software, it was because that I found only mastering PS skills could not meet the job needs at the time. During the work, I often dealt with advertising companies and they did almost all of advertising design. I was using CDR, so it was also driven by the situation at the time. It was imperative to learn CDR. Therefore, I am required to master a vector software so that I can use it for logo design, album layout, and graphics processing in the future.


3. Typesetting tool InDesign


This software can bring great convenience when composing albums and books. In the past, when CDR was used to typeset albums with more pictures, the imported pictures usually made the CDR file larger. The more pictures, the more difficult the typesetting process, and occasionally computer crashes. Compared with CDR’s shortcoming of multi-graphic typesetting, Indesign software has obvious advantages. Imported images are stored in the document by requesting paths, which will not increase the size of the document, and it can be easily batched for paragraph text styles. Modifications have greatly improved work efficiency.


If you are doing graphic design in the publishing industry, inDesigns is one of the software that graphic design practitioners have to learn. Of course, indesign is not only used for layout of long documents, but also for poster layout, business card production, and illustration drawing.


4. Vector illustration illustrator

For illustrators, it is one of the indispensable creative software. Of course, in the field of graphic design, we often use its powerful and convenient graphics processing capabilities for logo design, pattern graphic design, font design, etc. According to incomplete statistics, about 37% of designers in the world are using AI for artistic creation.