What Gases Are the Four-in-one Gas Detectors Mainly Used to Detect?

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Jan 20, 20211220

What Gases Are the Four-in-one Gas Detectors Mainly Used to Detect?

The membrane panels produced by JRPanel are often used in detection equipment such as gas detection instruments. Among them, the four-in-one gas detector has a higher usage rate because it can detect multiple gases at the same time. So what kinds of gases can this gas detector detect?

The four-in-one gas detector mainly detects combustible gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen. These four gases are standard four-in-one gas detectors, suitable for many places. The chip technology of its special head greatly improves the response time and stability of gas detection, and greatly improves the service life of the battery.

When employees enter a confined space, such as reaction tanks, storage tanks or containers, sewers or other underground pipelines, railway tank cars, cabins, tunnels, etc., on-site gas detection must be performed before entering, and must also be performed outside the confined space.

At this time, a variety of gas detectors with built-in pumps must be selected, because the gas distribution and gas types in different parts (upper, middle, and lower) in the confined space are very different. In general, the specific gravity of combustible gases is relatively light, and most of them are distributed in the upper part of the confined space; carbon monoxide and air have the same specific gravity and are generally distributed in the middle of the confined space; while heavier gases such as hydrogen sulfide exist in the confined space. Lower part. Meanwhile, oxygen concentration is also one of the types that must be detected.