What Are the Types of Back Adhesive for Membrane Switch Panels ?

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Aug 9, 202213640

What Are the Types of Back Adhesive for Membrane Switch Panels ?

In order to fix the membrane switch panel to the instrumentation, the manufacturer usually adds an adhesive layer to the back of the switch panel.


In this blog, JRPanel would like to give you a systematic introduction to our commonly used adhesives and the characteristics of each type.


1. 3M55236


The first type we are going to introduce is 3M55236.


3M55236 is a translucent, non-woven cotton paper adhesive with the most affordable price.

It has a thickness of about 0.12mm and has good temperature resistance. It can resist 90for long time period and 120for short time period, with strong durability and strong adhesion, and it is recommended to be used for conventional panels.


2. 3M9448A


3M9448A is also a translucent non-woven cotton paper adhesive. Its thickness is about 0.15mm and its temperature resistance is better. It can resist 70for long time period and 150for short time period.

It has good initial adhesion and tackiness, and is easy to die cut. It shows good adhesion to plastic, rubber and rough surface, even in high temperature environment.


Note: These two types of adhesives are suitable for pasting on the surface of equipment made of metal chassis, circuit boards, ABS, stainless steel brown surface, aluminum alloy, etc. It should however be noted that repetitive pasting can easily lead to broken glue.


3. 3M467MP


3M467MP is a transparent, substrate-free pure adhesive with a thickness of only about 0.05mm.

Super temperature resistance makes it resistant to 149℃ for long time period and 204℃ for short time period. Excellent bonding effect can effectively prevent peeling. In addition, it has excellent water resistance and processability.


4. 3M468MP


3M468MP, a thickened version of 3M467MP, with a thickness of about 0.13mm. In addition to having the characteristics of 3M467MP, its release paper is a polymer-coated waterproof kraft paper that can maintain its original state in high humidity environments.


Note: These two types of adhesives are suitable for applying to any smooth and clean surface of the chassis such as plastic chassis. However, repetitive pasting can easily lead to adhesive residue.


5. 3M300LSE


3M300LSE, a transparent adhesive on PET substrate with a thickness of about 0.17mm, can resist 93°C for long time period and 149for short time period.


It is extremely water resistant, has good processability, high physical/chemical stability, and thermal stability. It is insulated from humid gases and also has characteristics such as solvent resistance, resistance to direct UV light, and resistance to rapid temperature changes. It shows excellent adhesion to surfaces such as glass, plastic, polypropylene, powder spray, and painted surfaces.


This adhesive is suitable for use with PET materials and can be used on most smooth-surface materials. Most importantly, it supports reapplication.

If you are still confused with Back Adhesive, please do not hesitate to contact us !



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