What Are the Requirements for Raw Materials in the Printing Process of Membrane Switches?

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Dec 28, 20201382

What Are the Requirements for Raw Materials in the Printing Process of Membrane Switches?

We have introduced the screen printing process of membrane switches in the previous article. To produce high-quality membrane switches, in addition to complying with the various steps in the process, we also have extremely high requirements on the selection of raw materials. Today we would like to explain it for everyone.


First of all, the material used to make the membrane switch cannot use general materials. It must have high transparency and high smoothness. Softness is also very important.


The thickness of the membrane panel is generally below 0.25mm, and it must not exceed 0.25mm, because if it exceeds 0.25mm, it is not called a membrane panel, but a sheet. If the material is too thick, the contact force will increase, resulting in slow switch response. But the material should not be too thin, or the touch feel will be worse, the rebound will not be obvious, and the life will be reduced.


There are also high requirements for the silver paste used for printed circuits, because the materials used to make membrane switches are generally thin and the surface smoothness is also very high, so the silver paste must have a high absorption capacity. If the adsorption force is not strong, the circuit will fall off after a period of time.


Membrane switches are high-precision products and have high requirements for circuits. When printing circuits, they must not be too wide. We seal the circuit after printing to prevent oxidation.


In order to make the membrane switch work better, the general membrane switch is composed of five layers.


During the layer-by-layer stacking process, there can be no pores between the layers. If there are pores, the silver paddle circuit sandwiched in the middle layer will be oxidized.


In addition to the above points, JRPanel has more stringent requirements for the production of membrane switches. We will introduce them one by one later.