What Are The Smart Home Technology Trends

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Aug 15, 20235366

What Are The Smart Home Technology Trends

When people are decorating, most of them encounter these problems: there are too many decoration materials, and it's hard to choose the appropriate one. We can't handle the production progress of customized products. The decoration design drawings and the actual products are different. It takes a lot of time to buy materials..... .These are the pain points for us in household consumption.


We are under the impression that the household industry is traditional and backward. Social progress and consumer demand push it forward.


Now that the industry has undergone rounds of smart upgrades. Many new household consumption models have been born. Consumers can DIY their own homes, and see the design results in real time. Enterprises intelligently upgrade factories so that each order has an exclusive QR code, and consumers can track production progress in real time.


There are also cross-border cooperation. People open up the design model library, and establish product links, so that the products in the design drawings can be purchased. There is also the rise of self-contained clothing, allowing consumers to go to a store to buy a complete home furnishing product.


The development of home intelligence is changing consumption patterns, but where is the future? The combination of furniture and building materials and smart homes become more and more close. In the future, consumers may no longer buy individual products, but a complete set of home solutions.


Intelligence VS tradition


Renovation is always a trouble for us. We strive to buy materials and furniture. Sometimes we do not know the production progress of customized cabinets, and the renovation period is delayed again and again. The actual delivery did not match the blueprint. With the help of intelligence, these have been significantly improved.


Advanced technology can develop more than 200 packages of different categories based on the analysis of consumer demand data. Consumers can feel humanized consumption when experiencing intelligence. With the help of product library and style library data, it replaces the basic work of design, and quickly designs, modifies, and produces drawings.


In a modern custom home furnishing factory, each cut plate gets an exclusive QR code. In the subsequent processing, coloring, edge banding and other processes, the machine completes different processes by recognizing the QR code. Customers can know the production progress in real time on their mobile phones and arrange the decoration process reasonably.


Smart home plays big role


No matter which step of smart home decoration is used in, it is making the consumption experience simple and convenient. AIOT (artificial intelligence + Internet of Things) can better establish higher stickiness and high activity with consumers. For example, after the first renovation, it takes almost 5 years to renovate the walls, 7 years to renovate the kitchen, and 10 years to renovate the bathroom, and wedding rooms need to be remodeled when getting married, children's rooms need to be remodeled. With the support of AIOT, it not only provides decoration, but also provides home-related home services.


Nowadays, smart home has entered the fast lane of development, and it appears more and more frequently in people's daily life. Among smart products, smart door locks, smart lighting, home security, smart home appliances, and smart audio and video occupy a large market share.


Compared with the rapid popularization of smart homes, the performance of smart products in finished furniture, ceramic sanitary ware, custom home and other categories is slow. The smart home is not purely piled with smart products at home. There will be three development trends in the future.


The first one is to upgrade traditional home products to smart ones, such as from mechanical locks to smart locks, ordinary toilets to smart toilets, and ordinary sofas to smart toilets. The second one is integration, that is, multiple functions or multiple devices are integrated into one device. The third one is the Internet of Everything. The interconnection of various devices, with people as the core, artificial intelligence + Internet of Things makes life and services more convenient and humane change.


Starting from the needs of consumers, we should continue to solve the problem of how to make consumers more "lazy" in the future. Automated smart homes meet this demand, and there will be a trend of great integration for customized homes.


Customized home furnishing has gradually become the traffic entrance for home decoration. Many consumers first find the customized home furnishing brand when decorating, and then choose other categories, which integrates different categories together, concentrates traffic and simplifies the decoration experience, it's also useful for scene presentation.


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