Water Pollution Treatment Is Not Simple to Detect Pollutants But Also to Monitor Element Balance

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Nov 9, 202013240

Water Pollution Treatment Is Not Simple to Detect Pollutants But Also to Monitor Element Balance

Although environmental pollution is a common topic , its negative effects make it difficult for us not to discuss repeatedly. How to control environmental pollution has naturally become one of the key research directions of scientific research institutions in recent years. When it comes to environmental pollution, water pollution is another topic that has to be mentioned.


The total amount of water resources on the earth is about 1.4 billion cubic kilometers, of which freshwater resources account for about 2.5% of the total, and a large part of the fresh water resources are in the form of icebergs, glaciers or groundwater. Fresh water reources that can be easily used are actually very scarce. Under this premise, the emergence of water pollution has further affected the fresh water resources we can use.
Of course, not only the pollution of fresh water resources will affect our lives, but also the emergence of marine pollution. When the ocean is polluted, the ecological chain of the ocean will be directly affected, and follow the food chain into the inland, and then harm us. Not only that, marine pollution will spread to the atmosphere, soil, lakes, etc. through the atmospheric water cycle. Therefore, no matter from which point of view, water pollution treatment is an urgent issue.
In fact, from the current state of the importance of water pollution in various countries, the overall water pollution treatment is actually advancing in a positive direction, but many problems have also appeared. At present, the related measures for water pollution control mainly focus on pollution source monitoring and waste water treatment. With the help of related waste water treatment systems and conventional water quality multi-parameter testing instruments , the related inspection, supervision and processing work is Methodical. However, even in the treated waste water, there are still some elements that do not seem to cause harm to the environment. There is no problem with the emission of a small amount of these elements, but waste water is a long-term continuous production. Even after treatment, the long-term discharge may still cause an imbalance in the proportion of water environment elements, thereby affecting the environmental ecology.
For example, in urban domestic waste water discharge, the removal efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus in the sewage treatment process is relatively poor. Therefore, the ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water has a serious imbalance compared with ten years ago, and this imbalance directly causes the river to become rich. Nutrition, algae appear in large quantities in the water, and directly lead to the destruction of the water ecology in a certain area.
According to the recent publication in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, the rapid improvement of sewage treatment facilities has led to an imbalance in the measurement of nitrogen and phosphorus in densely populated areas. We can clearly understand that although the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities has played a key role in water body protection. However, from a long-term perspective, the imbalance of river element proportions indirectly caused by these facilities may also cause pollution damage to water bodies. Therefore, water body protection should not only detect and filter pollutants, but also monitor the balance of elements.
In fact, from the perspective of scientific instruments, it is not difficult to establish relevant nitrogen and phosphorus detection facilities around the water environment, but more consideration is how to use the existing sewage treatment system in the background. Strengthen the integration of related functions.
It is not too late. I believe that with further technological innovation, related problems will eventually be resolved in the near future.


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