UAV Ground Station Improves UAV Operation Efficiency and Smart Ease of Use

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Nov 11, 202011440

UAV Ground Station Improves UAV Operation Efficiency and Smart Ease of Use

The UAV ground station is also called the UAV control station. As the combat command center of the entire UAV system, it refers to the ability to monitor and manipulate the UAV flight platform and mission load, including launching and a group of equipment controlled by recycling.


Generally speaking, a ground station is a base station on the ground, that is, a base station that commands unmanned aerial vehicles. Assign tasks to the drone through the ground station. The drone starts to control the flight platform and the mission load (such as the camera) to complete the flight task autonomously according to the assigned task. We can see the working status of the drone in real time through the ground station. And intervene and control the drone's flight platform and mission load at any time, including operations such as changing or interrupting missions, taking off and returning to home.


Most UAVs commonly used are single-point ground stations and are guarded by one or more people, including technicians, field personnel, logistics personnel, communications personnel, and commanders. Ground station equipment generally consists of remote control , computer , video display, power supply system, radio station and other equipment. Generally speaking, it is a computer, a radio station, and a remote control. The computer is equipped with software to control the aircraft, and the route planning tool is used to plan the flight route of the aircraft, and set the flight altitude, flight speed, flight location, flight mission, etc. The mission data is compiled and transmitted to the flight control through the digital radio connected to the data port .


HANVO control and conduction-ground station software Heli-call, compatible with Windows and Android platforms, can accurately display real-time flight data of industrial drones, intelligently edit and plan flight missions, and clearly present actual flight trajectories on satellite maps. Convenient flight mission configuration function, which can quickly configure flight routes, flight altitude, flight speed, take-off and landing methods, and safety strategies. The waypoints can be set on the map and the track can be automatically generated, and the flight altitude, stay time and other parameters of each waypoint can be adjusted according to actual needs, and the task load action setting of each waypoint can be realized to realize intelligent flight Work, greatly improve work efficiency. At the same time, the intelligent planning function can be used with different industry application scenarios to provide a more convenient waypoint planning mode, one-click route generation, and support for moving route areas, adjusting boundaries and shapes, and supporting custom creation and import of route modes. Convenient offline map function, support satellite map and Google map download. The important thing is that you can set the geographic location, map type, and zoom level of the offline map, and implement classified management of different job maps through atlases, making industry operations more efficient.


UAV ground station improves UAV operation efficiency and smart ease of use


HANVO intelligent and easy-to-use Heli-call ground station accurately fits the application needs of different industries, understands what you need, and effectively helps improve the efficiency of the industry's drone operations and intelligent ease of use.


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