Things You Do Not Know About Graphic Overlay Materials

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Sep 22, 202210662

Things You Do Not Know About Graphic Overlay Materials
We all know that the top layer of a membrane switch panel is the graphic layer.

As one of the important components of a membrane switch, the graphic layer communicates to the user the functional characteristics of the switch and the operating position of the keys. In addition, the graphic layer is also important for the appearance and protection of the product.

The importance of the graphic layer in the membrane switch panel product is well understood. Therefore, the film used to make the graphic layer must be of high quality. JRPanel's engineers, with years of experience in manufacturing membrane switches, have summarized some of the following conditions that the film used for the graphic layer should have at the very least.

1. Good Appearance

The surface of the film used to make the graphic layer must be flat and consistent in gloss. Mechanical damage, scratches, inclusions and color spots, and other surface defects are not acceptable.

2. Strong Environmental Resistance

The graphic layer, as the surface layer of the membrane switch, will be in direct physical contact with the natural environment. Therefore, we require its material to be resistant to deformation, cracking, aging, and discoloration under certain natural environmental conditions.

3. Stronger Chemical Resistance

When used, the graphic layer is likely to be exposed to different chemicals. For most common chemicals, such as alcohols, ethers, and mineral oils, the film used to make the graphic layer should have certain chemical resistance.

4. Good Dimensional Stability

When the membrane switch is used, it will be attached to the product surface or embedded in the slot reserved for the product. This requires that the entire membrane switch does not deform during long-term use. Therefore, in a certain temperature range, the graphic layer film should have good dimensional stability.

5. Resiliency Requirements

Considering the embossed keys of membrane switch products, manufacturers will also require the resilience of the graphic layer membrane. A certain degree of resilience is necessary, and at the same time, the elastic deformation should be small. As for the resilience and elastic deformation of the material, we can evaluate them by the elongation of the material. Generally speaking, the elongation is high, the elastic deformation of the material is also high, and the resilience is poor.

According to the above requirements, PC or PET is an excellent material for making a membrane switch graphic layer.

Nevertheless, the quality of PC/PET material selected by different manufacturers varies. However, at JRPanel, we are determined to use only the best raw materials in the industry, so that users can be relieved of any worries.


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