The Real Voice of JRPanel Users From All Over the World

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May 17, 20222828100

The Real Voice of JRPanel Users From All Over the World

Since the birth of the brand, JRPanel has been upholding the goal of becoming a "one-stop professional intelligent manufacturer", having witnessed the successful output of hundreds of customized products for enterprises.


Because of this long-term goal that JRPanel has grown and become famous in the overseas manufacturing market for its "High Quality", "Fast Delivery", and "Excellent Service". As of May 2022, JRPanel's products have been exported to 40 countries and regions.


However, no matter how a company promotes its brand, it is not as real as a few simple comments from customers. So what do JRPanel's partners say about JRPanel? In this blog, we will select some representative comments and show them based on four aspects: high product quality, excellent service, intelligent platform and rapid delivery. This will help you understand the true image of JRPanel in the minds of our partners around the world. (The following reviews are all real reviews from real customers. Click on the following link: for more details.)




JRPanel aims to provide high quality membrane switches and panels to users all over the world. Let's start by looking at what JRPanel users are saying about the quality of the products they receive.


This is my second order from JRPanel. But I write review for the first time.The products works well and really nice!!Can't believe that JRPanel can produce such high-quality in a short period. Thanks for the support for my projects. It really helps me a lot. I will coming with my next order very soon.


This is the review about the membrane switches produced by JRPanel, from a user in Singapore. We believe you can feel his high recognition of JRPanel's product quality.


The highest quality that I encounter until now, and I try some manufacturers before. This panel is developed for commercial purpose, so I expected the highest quality possible and I have not been disappointed. Fast and cheap!


This is a user from the United States. He mentioned "highest quality" twice in his review. We are very grateful to this friend for such a high rating of JRPanel, and JRPanel will always strive to provide the best products for everyone.



JRPanel treats every user seriously. Whether you place an order with JRPanel or not, our team will provide you with the most professional advice and the most suitable solution for your project. Let's see what our users have to say.


I place 2 orders one time. Both of them are produced very fast. At the beginning, I have a little problem about the design drawing with JRPanel staff. With their detailed advice,I learn a lot about membrane switch. I would like to say thanks to them here!

This Korean customer already considers JRPanel as a reliable partner. As he said, our team of engineers provided him with expert advice on membrane switch design during their first contact. I'm sure he's now a membrane switch expert!

Thank you very much for your best service. Membrane switch results are very good and product quality is very good. We are very pleased with the existence of JRPanel services that make it easy for us.


We are honored that this user used the word "best" in his review of JRPanel to qualify the service we provide. For this, we would like to express our gratitude to him.




JRPanel pioneered the industry's first online inquiry system, deepened Internet technology, and established three major management systems to bring a smoother and superior processing experience to users.


I have to say that JRPanel's automatic pricing system is really eye-opening. This system is data transparent and intelligent. I never see others do like JRPanel.I think it's more convenient than email quotation. Talking about the production quality and speed, it's comparable to the local U.S. manufacturer I have worked with before. Would keep cooperating with JRPanel.


Almost every user who uses this system for the first time makes a similar comment. This shows the value of JRPanel's efforts within the Internet field. We will continue to pioneer and innovate in the future and strive to be the industry leader.




Compared to the traditional manufacturing industry with a delivery time of up to half a month, JRPanel is able to deliver goods to customers in as little as one week or even three days. This is due to our deep cooperation with DHL, a world-renowned logistics provider. No matter where you are, we have the ability to deliver your membrane switches to you in the shortest time.


The front membrane panel turned out great and was shipped fast. The quick turnaround allowed us to verify the components before we had to order it. We were worried about this with all the issues COVID has caused around the world. JRPanel did an excellent job as usual.


Very fast! Both service and shipping speed! I chose the water proof material because it needs to work under a water environment. We tested the water proof ablity and it was beyond our expectation. I look forward to using this service again. Keep it up!!


Even though the epidemic was spreading, JRPanel did not forget its corporate goal and tried its best to ensure that the goods were delivered before the delivery date.


"High Quality", "Fast Delivery", and "Excellent Service" have become JRPanel's brand labels and have gained the favor of customers all over the world.


Will you be the next one?


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