The 3 Most Important Design Considerations for Medical Equipment

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Sep 23, 202112940

The 3 Most Important Design Considerations for Medical Equipment

In terms of medical equipment technology, the latest developments that provide support for the forms of diagnosis, treatment and medical monitoring are obviously about to bring earth-shaking changes to the interconnected and healthy ecosystem.


Manufacturers of medical equipment will increasingly take on a task that is to design small and humble equipment that can transmit data in real time between patients and medical providers while maintaining flexibility, portability and comfort. In order to overcome various obstacles that may hinder the transmission of life-saving data, while further miniaturizing the device, designers must also consider optimizing the space occupied by each component. They must solve the problem of how to power such devices when the capacity of the printed circuit board is limited, while at the same time improving the integrity of the signal. Here are the three most important design considerations that cannot be ignored:


1. Component and space optimization:


When monitoring patient data in an environment outside the hospital, the wearable device on the patient should be more compact than the large and bulky medical device. Due to the smaller size of such wearable devices, smaller components are required to maintain power output and to implement technologies such as integrating sensors into the device. Due to the need to reduce the size, the space on the printed circuit board is increasingly limited, and designers must consider the issue of optimizing space. Taking into account the newer micro-connectors and other customizable sensors currently on the market, designers will be able to solve these space constraints. Another way to bypass the modularity problem of space constraints is to use flexible circuits to improve the functionality of the device through miniaturized components.


Flexible circuit

2. Flexible circuit integration:


Although the size and volume of the device are constantly shrinking, its functions are becoming more and more diverse. The complex electronic systems required for the functioning of medical devices also need to accommodate additional components to connect patient-friendly interfaces with medical providers through real-time data connections. This type of technology includes circuits connected to the patient's body to better capture more in-depth monitoring results. One option that designers can consider in terms of equipment is flexible printed circuit (FPC) and related cables and connectors. Because these lightweight designs are very flexible and smaller in size, and meet the strict standards of wearable medical devices, this has proven to be a huge advantage. In addition, the antenna can also be printed on the substrate of the printed circuit to transmit various vital signs signals or biometric information in a non-invasive, continuous, and low-cost manner.


3. Maximum power and high signal integrity:


When designing the power supply for medical equipment, designers of medical equipment should consider low-profile wire-to-board and flexible-to-board solutions. Since the purpose of designing medical monitoring equipment is to quickly transmit patient data to the medical provider, power supply and signal play a vital role in ensuring seamless transmission. The power-to-board solution can carry a current of up to 15 amps, which can well realize the power supply function of the device. The circuit board connection methods provided now have a higher number of circuits, namely 60, 80 and 100 circuits. Because the data is transmitted between the smaller connection points, this design is becoming more and more popular. High-performance board-to-board connectors and FPC connectors have multiple grounding points to help ensure the highest level of signal reliability inside the connector, thereby realizing information transmission and data relay updated every minute.


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