The Difference and Connection Among PCBA, SMT and PCB

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The Difference and Connection Among PCBA, SMT and PCB

Many people who are new to the electronics industry are often confused by PCBA, SMT, and PCB. It is difficult to distinguish the differences and connections among them. Next, JRPanel will talk about the differences and connections between PCBA, SMT, and PCB through easy-to-understand text to help everyone better enter this industry.


1. What are PCBA, SMT and PCB?


1). PCB is a printed circuit board. PCB is used to support electronic components and provide circuits so that a complete circuit can be formed between electronic components.


2). SMT is currently a popular process technology. Electronic components are mounted on the PCB through a process, also known as surface mount technology.


3). PCBA refers to the processing of one-stop services such as SMT, DIP, testing, and finished product assembly after purchasing raw materials.


2. The difference between PCBA, SMT and PCB


1). PCB is a necessary raw material for SMT processing, it is just a semi-finished product.


2). SMT is a circuit board mounting technology. It is the most popular process technology by buying PCB substrates and mounting components on the PCB through technology.


3). PCBA is a complete processing service based on SMT. Compared with SMT and PCB, it has increased the purchase of components, and the subsequent testing and finished product assembly links, which is a service model that provides customers with one-stop service. This is the direction of the future development of the electronics industry.


The order of processing an electronic product should be as follows: PCB→SMT→PCBA. PCB production is very complicated, SMT is relatively simple, PCBA emphasizes one-stop service.



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