The Difference Between PVC, PC and PET in Membrane Switch Applications

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Oct 30, 202038380

The Difference Between PVC, PC and PET in Membrane Switch Applications

In membrane switch fileds, there are 3 main materials being used in production, PVC, PC and PET. To help you choose the proper material for your product, we would like to introduce you the difference between PVC, PC and PET in membrane switch applications.


1. PVC 


PVC  is also called polyvinyl chloride membrane, the full name is Polyvinylchlorid membrane. The top layer of this structure is lacquer, the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is back-coated adhesive. The price of PVC membrane is low, and it has excellent chemical resistance and insulation function. It is used in sign panels, but not suitable for membrane switches and light touch panels. The global usage of PVC membrane ranks second among various synthetic materials.


2. PC 


PC is also called polycarbonate membrane, the thinnest is 0.01mm thick, amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, high transparency and low fogging.

Chemical resistance: Dilute acid, weak base, alcohols and alcohol ethers, and high temperature resistance (within the temperature range of -30℃~130℃), and the PC membrane changes little when the temperature changes suddenly.

Excellent mechanical properties, high impact resistance and elasticity of PC membrane, yield point force is about 60N/mm2, it is the most impact-resistant plastic today.

The processing adaptability is strong, and different textures can be suppressed on the surface.

High insulation strength, no directionality.

PC membrane is suitable for all kinds of label membranes, switch panels and other occasions. The price is relatively moderate. It is the most widely used material for electrical panel switches.


3. PET 


PET is also called polyester. It is a membrane with more comprehensive functions. It has good switch button life and excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, excellent insulation function, strong resistance, and tensile strength. The strength and impact strength are much higher than ordinary membranes.

The price of PET membrane is slightly higher than that of PC membrane, and it is not anti-ultraviolet. It is generally used in the panels of high-demand instruments and appliances.


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