Standard Introduction of RAL Color Card

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Standard Introduction of RAL Color Card

When we were born, the first thing we came into contact with was this colorful world. There are so many colors in this world that appear in our eyes for us to appreciate and recognize. There are many countries in this world, and people from different countries speak different languages, but everyone sees the same colors in the world, so will these same colors with different names? What about a unified naming? Raul color card solved this problem for us.

RAL Color Card

The German European standard color card is a color card brand in Germany. This color card is widely used internationally. It is also known as the RAL international color card. 

Since 1927, when RAL was involved in color, it has created a unified language to establish standard statistics and naming for colorful colors. These standards are widely understood and applied worldwide. The 4-digit RAL color has been used as a color standard for 70 years and has grown to more than 200 types.

The matte color base color card is RAL-840HR, and the glossy color is 841-GL. These basic color blocks meet a wide range of applications and have been used by many important companies and research institutions. RAL-840HR and RAL-841GL color registrations are used as color samples in the design, and they also include safety and signal colors that meet the color requirements of DIN and ISO.

The RAL design system has been developed for professional color design and is particularly useful for the construction industry. It contains 1688 colors arranged in a regular order. Therefore, seven-digit colors are divided into individual RAL colors. Unlike the RAL classical color card, the color codes of the RAL design system are not arbitrarily arranged. These seven-digit colors display chroma, brightness and chromaticity (color saturation degree), which are technical measurement of HLCD.

Since the color number is based on the international standard CIE color solid, the code is clear and easy to understand. You can find any color you want to choose. It is an outstanding tool for designers and other people related to colors. The coordinated color combination using this system will change. It's very easy.

K7 and K5 color card standards

The 4-digit digital RAL color card has been the standard for color selection for 70 years. The basic standard for matt color shading is RAL840-HR, and the basic standard for glossy color shading is RAL841-GL. Both color samples include color samples used by important research institutes to meet long-term and large-scale industrial needs. The registered color samples used in design also include safety colors and signal colors that meet the DIA standard.

Fan-shaped color card with all RAL classical colors:

Five RAL classical colors per page, a total of 210 colors

Suitable for color matching, combination and proofreading. Paper is decorated with gloss.

Note: The only difference between K7 and K5 is their color patch size: K7 has 5 colors per page and K5 has one color per page.


RAL Design System is a color matching system developed for professional color design. It has 1625 colors arranged in a regular order, and the color shading of all these 7RAL-D2 numbers are divided into individual RAL colors. The difference between this and RAL classical color specimens is that the color codes of the RAL design system are not arranged randomly. They show industrial technical measurements of chromaticity, brightness, and color intensity. For example: RAL2106030 is a color hue with a chroma of 210, a brightness of 60, and a color intensity of 30. If you want to combine this color hue with a brighter hue, you can choose RAL2107030, so you can get a color with a higher brightness of 70, and the other two characteristics of the two colors will remain unchanged. Using this system, the production of coordinated color combinations becomes very easy.

It includes all 1625 RAL colors:

7 RAL design colors per page, 1625 colors in total

Dimensions "24×5 cm"

Color sample size "5×2.4 cm"

Newly added 26 pastels

Suitable for various designs, color matching, combination and proofreading

Color is modified with semi-gloss

*Examples of color numbers: RAL6500, RAL1606058, RAL1907020.

The above is the introduction of RAL Color Card and the standard and system introduction of RAL Color Card edited by the editor for the pros. Is the concept of RAL Color Card clearer? I believe you must have a lot of understanding of RAL color chart! The colorful colors make up our world, and our world has become more beautiful because of different colors. Just imagine, if it is this world Without color, what a terrible thing it would be!