Self-own Factory -- Leading JRPanel to Success in Membrane Switch Manufacturing

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Jul 6, 2022288298

Self-own Factory -- Leading JRPanel to Success in Membrane Switch Manufacturing

From the point of view of consumers and users, quality and price are the criteria for judging the good or bad products.


Quality: Quality here does not only refer to the quality of the product, but also covers product features, value, manufacturer services, etc.. Quality is the basis of the product to get people's favor, but also the key factor to distinguish from ordinary products.


Price: In China, there is a common saying "There is no unsellable house, but unsellable price". However, a good price must be based on the quality of the product.


In the membrane switch manufacturing industry, the same principle applies. Self-own factory plays a very important role in the whole chain of membrane switch production.




Own factory is the most important part of improving the quality of membrane switches. In the factory, JRPanel's engineers can control the quality and the manufacturing environment to avoid quality-control problems. Once problems are found, we can respond and make adjustments in a timely manner, implementing JRPanel's core value of customer responsibility.


Another advantage of a self-owned factory is the control of the supply chain. With the production schedule in hand, capacity is not constrained. Bad experience such as untimely delivery is not what JRPanel wants for customers. At the same time, the R&D technology is applied to the production and the cost will be reduced accordingly.


JRPanel has a professional quality control and R&D team of over 30 people. Our own factory is equipped with advanced production equipment and technology in the consumer electronics industry, providing a strong guarantee of delivery and quality for membrane switch users worldwide.


Our own factories are able to control the quality and environment of production and provide high quality services to our customers. Nowadays, industries have recognized the importance of having their own manufacturing capacity. We believe self-owned factory is the way lead JRPanel to success in Membrane Switch Manufacturing.


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