Research on Membrane Switch/Panel Customization Based on the Perspective of Design Aesthetics

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Research on Membrane Switch/Panel Customization Based on the Perspective of Design Aesthetics

As an applied discipline of aesthetics, design aesthetics is very necessary to apply its design theory to the design of customized membrane switch/panel.

JRPanel, with more than a decade of membrane switch and panel customization experience, would like to share some customization points based on the perspective of design aesthetics.

The important change in the industrial production is the large-scale production of. The result of large-scale production is the lack of product personalization, and similar products are becoming increasingly homogeneous. Therefore, when creatively designing products, only from an aesthetic point of view can we better enter the hearts of consumers and design products that meet their aesthetic needs.

The development of customized membrane switch and panel must be combined with aesthetics in order to produce what consumers love and want to use, and then the customization of products can be widely developed.

1. Product customization

In recent years, more and more consumers are pursuing personalized products, hoping to have unique items. For the automotive industry, it has already realized a sales and production model of multiple configurations of the same model, and it has also provided a certain degree of personalized service, but this still cannot fully meet the needs of users. For another example, when choosing a computer, different consumers have different requirements for the appearance, model, performance, display, and material of the computer.

Although product models of the same model and different configurations have long appeared in industries such as automobiles, electronic products and other industries, they still cannot give consumers more and more free choices. They can only make horizontal choices within a limited framework. 

For the future, it is not difficult for us to imagine that there will be more products that can be customized for sales and production. Through several choices provided by design manufacturers, users can customize and produce their own unique products according to their own needs and preferences.

Product customization

2. What is the beauty of design

What is the beauty of design? We should make it clear that design is a method and means to solve problems. It is a design activity that satisfies the existing aesthetic concept and is a ubiquitous aesthetic form. We should understand the beauty of design from an artistic and rational perspective. It is a collection of society and nature, and a combination of form and function. People are subjective, so different people see different things in their hearts. Satisfying consumers' respective aesthetic concepts and making products a life body with aesthetic meaning is the ultimate role of design.

3. Aesthetic elements in customized products

3.1 Formal beauty in customized products

For modern product customization, although a complete system has not yet been formed, product customization is a multi-industry cross-system, including new technologies, new materials, new processes, etc., as well as product development. Interaction, man-machine, color psychology and other design.

In the process of customization, the choice of materials for products, whether plastic, metal, or composite materials, is based on the needs of consumers and process technology to make reasonable choices. At this stage, the customization options of general consumer products and the basic appearance of the products cannot allow consumers more independent choices. They can only carry out a personalized "reform" on the original basis. The transformation on this basis is not as simple as we imagined. The entire process includes the application of new technologies, new processes, and new materials, as well as a service system that responds quickly to consumer shopping needs and delivers products in time. Only in this way can consumers obtain unique products with their own mark.

3.2 Functional beauty in customized products

Product functions have different levels, first manifested in use functions, but also manifested in mental functions such as cognition and aesthetics. Function and technology are usually combined together, if technology is to reflect the regularity of the product, and function is to reflect the purpose of the product.

The use function of a customized product should first be manifested in conformity with the consumer's use purpose. Therefore, for the aesthetic characteristics of customized products, functional beauty should be put in the first place. If a product lacks the condition of functional beauty, even the most beautiful product will be produced in vain.

"Customization" increases the personalization that consumers prefer on the basic functions of the product. In the process of purchasing products, not only have consumers harvested their favorite items, but also increased the experience- participating in the "design" of the product form they love: different materials, colors, and processing methods.

Functional beauty in customized products

3.3 Technical beauty in customized products

For technical beauty, it is a combination of beauty and function. As the crystallization of human activities, functional beauty is its core content and a product of the industrial age. The beauty of technology is mainly aimed at the beauty of engineering technology, which is embodied in the aesthetics of machinery industry technology.

With the development of modern computer technology and 3D printing technology, production technology has gradually entered a high-speed development path to meet the individual needs of consumers. The product customization at this stage, relying on the company’s advanced production technology and complete supporting response services, can meet the different consumer needs of consumers as much as possible, so that product customization begins to slowly enter the general consumer group. In the future, it will no longer be a "vocabulary" that only appeared in the upper class. The changes in this situation are all relying on the development of today's technology, making this kind of service less expensive and gradually becoming acceptable to ordinary consumers. Behind the customized products that perfectly meet the needs of consumers is the inherent motivation for people to constantly break through barriers and surpass innovation.

3.4 Emotional experience in customized products

With the development of society, the diversification of user needs has promoted the application of aesthetics in product design, and a single product model is not enough to satisfy the consumer's tendency to experience products. Therefore, in product design, the injection of experience elements can be more favored by consumers. The purpose of emotional experience is to expect users to drive their psychological perception through perceptual perception, and consumers' five senses (mainly including touch, hearing, smell and taste, etc.) are the basis of product experience design.

In the design process of modern products, consumers' emotional experience has also been paid more and more attention by manufacturers. The products finally produced through the use of different materials, appropriate functional and structural relationships, and necessary processing techniques are only regarded as a need-satisfying carrier for users. Therefore, when a product designed and produced satisfies its own use value, whether to integrate the user's emotional experience into it has become the key to impressing consumers.

Customization is different from the previous sales and production model. Consumers are directly or indirectly involved in the design process as a member of the design, which increases the fun of buying and makes the products designed not only meet their own needs, but also Perceptually get great pleasure. The customized development of products can not only bring products that consumers love, but also bring great emotional experience to consumers. Therefore, in the development of product customization, the various experiences and interactions of users clever use will undoubtedly bring better sensory experience to consumers.

JRPanel always guarantees the perfect membrane switch and panel customization experience of our customers.

4. Conclusion

As a kind of aesthetic activity, design takes aesthetic theories as its basic support, especially when the current consumption tends to be individualized consumption, various theories of aesthetics are very important design basis. To realize product customization in industrialized large-scale production, we should not only consider the realization of the product's due function, but also take into account the aesthetic form of the product, so that the product can give consumers a beautiful sensory experience when using it.

The most perfect design is a product that is beautiful and easy to use and can meet the individual needs of consumers. The pursuit of design is not to change the style, but to make the designed product more in line with the consumer needs of the times.

In the design of customized membrane switch and panel, the application of "design aesthetics" can make the designed products more in line with people's needs. JRPanel brings good products, and at the same time, improves the existing design level.






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