Relationship between Sheet Metal Process And Appearance Design

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Relationship between Sheet Metal Process And Appearance Design

Due to the special material properties, for sheet metal equipment, the appearance design is influenced by factors such as material properties, processing technology, and manufacturing costs. This is also the process that we need to design the appearance of sheet metal equipment. Let's talk about the impact of sheet metal technology on appearance design.


The appearance design is inseparable from sheet metal technology, and sheet metal processing affects the appearance design. The processing includes two major parts, processing and surface treatment. The remarkable feature of sheet metal is that the thickness of the part is the same. According to the definition, sheet metal refers to a cold working process for sheet metal, including shearing, punching/cutting/compositing, folding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body), etc.


There are two main methods of surface treatment of sheet metal: plastic spraying (powder spraying) and oil spraying. Large pieces are usually sprayed with plastic, and small pieces can be sprayed with oil. This is determined by the characteristics of the process. Sheet metal shell processing starts from laser cutting, bending, welding, grinding, polishing, assembly, spraying and other processes. The problems caused by processing accuracy and welding affect the aesthetics of the product.


Sheet metal material processing constrains modeling. Most sheet metal materials are plate-shaped, and compared with plastic materials. It does not give designers so much freedom in appearance design. Therefore, in terms of the shape design, it is not like plastic molding, which can almost make shapes you can think of.


Since the sheet metal process is limited by the bending angle and assembly tolerance, the shape is more concise and intuitive under the premise of ensuring mass production. It is difficult to realize a special-shaped curved surface shell, and the surface is mostly flat cut, one-way arc surface, etc.


In short, in the process of sheet metal equipment appearance design, designers not only need good ideas, but also need combined processing technology. They have to strictly control the cost to design beautiful products on the basis of ensuring the realization of product performance. Products that conform to the actual production.


Something to consider


Sheet metal is a material that must be used in most mechanical equipment, such as machine tools, cabinets, chassis, etc. Due to the special material properties and processing requirements of sheet metal itself, there are strict requirements and standards for the structural design of sheet metal products. Sheet metal structure design is a complex systematic project.


In order to do a good job in sheet metal structure design, designers need to comprehensively consider various factors and solve various problems encountered in the design. The following briefly summarizes the needs of sheet metal structure design considerations.


First of all, the sheet metal structure design must ensure the realization of product functions and meet the principles of economy and practicability. The sheet metal structure design should conform to the principle of economy and practicability, and reduce the cost input in the cabinet manufacturing process as much as possible on the basis of ensuring the safety, quality and performance of the cabinet.


Secondly, the sheet metal structure design needs to consider material processing requirements and cost control. The design drawings should specify the requirements for the production materials, and the requirements for material selection should be well prepared to ensure that high-quality materials produced by regular manufacturers are selected, to ensure that the materials can meet the requirements of relevant standards in actual production, and to ensure that the design products can meet the design requirements.


In design, it is necessary to strictly control the punching rate of the materials in the product production, to reduce the cumbersomeness of the actual production process of the product as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the product performance, and to enhance the operability of the design drawings; to ensure that the selected materials have Good strength, easy to bend, easy to shape.


Furthermore, the design of the sheet metal structure needs to take into account the environmental requirements of the product, and do a good job in the protection design of the product in terms of waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.


For example, in the cabinet sheet metal design, it is necessary to use high-quality materials, suitable surface treatment technology, and through a stable and sealed structural design to improve the performance of the product in terms of corrosion resistance, mold resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and light resistance. , Improve product environmental adaptability.


Of course, different sheet metal products have different requirements for sheet metal structure design. For different sheet metal products, designers need to consider different issues. Therefore, in a specific product project, the designer needs to adopt a targeted, feasible and practical design method to solve various problems in the design according to the actual product design requirements and after comprehensively considering various factors.


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