Reasons for Buying Membrane Switches from JRPanel

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Reasons for Buying Membrane Switches from JRPanel

Membrane switches have so many benefits. They have become popular because of simple structure, aesthetic appearance and good sealing. Long service life is another merit. You can press it 1 million times or more. Where can you find membrane switches? Those electronic equipment controlled by microcomputers come to mind. If you are looking for a reliable business partner, and want to purchase membrane switches, its lucky to meet JRPanel which is a manufacturer and supplier of this crucial element from China. Why is JRPanel is a good choice? Lets take a look.

1. Good Quality & Excellent Material

JRPanel pays attention to the products. We dont care to spend more money on the material. American GE, Longhua, Autotype are all our business partners. Its a good start of manufacturing. The procurement cost of raw material is several times more expensive than our competitors spend. Excellent Material leads to good quality.

Here is an example. JRPanels double-sided adhesive usually applies to make high-end membrane switch. This kind of adhesive spends more money. However, its much better than ordinary double-sided tapes.

Technoloy and design cant also be ignored. You can trust JRPanel for our modern screen printing and high-end design. There is always good quality no matter providing samples or mass production. We also have professional designers to meet your customized need. Whatever patterns you want dont hesitate to tell us.

Good quality is not enough. Its not perfect if the service life is short. JRPanel takes pride in the durability of our products. We have a specialized engineering team to get involved in the whole processing. We take care of every stage from raw material to products tests. We do our best to ensure long service life. Every piece from JRPanel factory garantee 2 million presses or more than 3-year-service-life.

2. First-rate Service

If there is no good service, JRPanel cant work with customers all over the world. We have our own customer service management system, which allows us to make a fast response. We provide impeccable service before and after saling. There is always someone who answers your questions before and after purchasing. If you have any technical problems, our engineers who focus on membrane switches for 15 years can ease your burden. Isnt that nice?

You will love our intelligent online quote system when you see it. It brings convenience while you make a quote.

There is a conspicuous part on the website homepage. Its easy to use it. Think of what you want to purchase. Input the value of dimensions (length and width), quantity and types of rear adhesive (we offer 3M9448 and 3M300LSE). Click Quote Now” and you can check the information. Isnt that simple?

If you want an advanced version, its also OK. We have a more detailed quote system on the Instant Quote” page. Apart from the dimensions, quantity and rear adhesive, you can also input material, thickness and other options. If you have some customized demands, put them in the special notes. Our guys will take care of it.

3. On-time Delivery

We provide trustworthy membrane switches to customers worldwide. Buyers from over 140 countries develop a well business relationship with us. Dont believe it? Find those positive reviews on the website. People like our products and give five stars! JRPanel deserves them, and every Like” is worthy of our honor.

We do everything well in the factory, but delivery is another story. Dont worry. Its JRPanels duty to deliver membrane switches on time. The lead time is 48 hours. The shipping time is 3-5 days by DHL. No delay! No waste of time! Products will enter your doorstep right on time.

4. Low Cost & Safe Payment

Low cost doesnt mean poor quality. Good quality doesnt mean to spend too much money. JRPanel offers reasonable price with high quality. Due to our high production efficiency, large sales volume and waste elimination, JRPanel is able to produce good elements at relatively low cost. It will be a good choice for those who care about high cost performance.

Safe payment is what customers wish. Nobody wants money loss without receiving products. JRPanel ensures safe payment, and there is a simple guide on our website. You submit the specifications you care about, and get the instant quote, the system will do the calculation and upload the information file. After you place an order, we will review this and make sure nothing is wrong. JRPanel provides two payment methods: Paypal and bank transfer. Either one is convenient.

5. Conclusion

Membrane switches have extensive range of uses in the world. You can see it everywhere, medical instruments, communication terminal equipment, industrial and household appliances, etc.

When talking about membrane switches, there are many merits of there own. Small volume and light weight lead to easy delivery. Water resistance, anti-grease and dust prevention lead to long service life. JRPanel has the obligation to produce and send reliable membrane switches to worldwide customers.


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