Pantone Releases 2022 Fashion Color Trends! Beautiful and High-end, Would You Like Some "Pickled Pepper"?

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Nov 18, 202112880

Pantone Releases 2022 Fashion Color Trends! Beautiful and High-end, Would You Like Some "Pickled Pepper"?

The color forecast issued by Pantone, an international fashion color forecasting agency, is usually a sign of the new season. At the end of the year, we are also very curious about the popular color of next year?


After London Fashion Week 2021 Spring/Summer, Pantone released 10 popular spring/summer 2022 colors and 5 core classic colors, including Indigo Bunting, Blue Atoll, Beach Glass and other very popular colors.


1. Indigo Bunting


Indigo Bunting is named after a festive colorful bird, the color is very in line with the blues of nature. This is a vibrant and cheerful color.


Indigo Bunting

2. Blue Atoll


Pantone describes Blue Atoll as "suggesting a tropical island in the ocean," a color that reminds people of a truly dreamlike scene.


Blue Atoll

3. Beach Glass


Pantone gave Beach Glass a very poetic description: "Smoothed by waves and currents." It is reminiscent of the ocean and exudes a tranquil atmosphere.


Beach Glass

4. Illuminating


A beautiful yellow like Illuminating is described by Pantone as optimistic, friendly and happy, and it can put a smile on your face.



5. Marigold


Pantone describes this golden orange as a warm hue that gives people a comfortable feeling. While lively, it still has a gentle and soft feeling.



6. Macchiato


This creamy, caffeinated hue is "full of warmth", showing a light caramel color, just like a warm macchiato in the winter.



7. Lava Falls


When describing the lava waterfall, Pantone said: "This hot red erupts with flowing energy." Although it is dark, this hue is still warm and vibrant.


lava falls

8. Purple Rose


Purple always gives people a magical feeling. Pantone believes that this color "conveys a charming message", ethereal and dreamy.

Purple Rose 

9. Pickled Pepper


Pickled Pepper has a strong taste from its warm undertones and is a very fresh color. Pantone calls it "a garden variety green, with both a mild sweetness and a pleasant rich flavor."


Pickled Pepper

Pantone Color Institute experts said, "The colors of the 2022 spring and summer bring out our two opposing desires for comfortable familiarity and joyful adventure, presenting a series of eternal colors and praising those joyful colors. "We can combine and match as we like, explore new color realities, and create personal styles and casual color propositions.


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