PCB Design Skills: Packaging and Components

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Oct 20, 202012088

PCB Design Skills: Packaging and Components

The choice of components and the size of the PCB are interdependent. Therefore, when choosing the right components for rigid flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) or other types of PCBs, the footprint of the PCB must also be considered.

The package is the basic layout of the PCB. It includes electrical and mechanical connections. It will show the electrical and component outline and the component pins connected to the PCB. The area on both sides of the PCB should be considered.

How to fit your components in PCB size?

1. In order to give you a preliminary understanding of the placement of components, please consider drawing a basic PCB outline and drawing all components on the PCB. Make sure to use the actual or scaled down size of the component or circuit board to get a clear understanding of the size and type of components that can be used. Some software even allows you to view the 3-D layout.

2. Certain parts may encounter height restrictions. Please consider the height clearance when selecting components.

3. When selecting components and designing the footprint, please consider how the manufacturing process will proceed. Here, you should consider the best soldering process (whether the manufacturer will use reflow soldering or wave soldering).

4. Components will have to be selected and aligned according to the component fixing process.

5. If there is no suitable prototype, you can customize the design size according to your application.


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