PANTONE Releases 2021 Color Trends. Extremely Comfortable!

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Aug 19, 20214720

PANTONE Releases 2021 Color Trends. Extremely Comfortable!

Every year, Pantone, the global color authority, releases the spring and summer popular colors of that year. Without exception, not long ago they released the top ten popular colors for the spring and summer of 2021-2022. These vibrant and life-sense colors provide us with more inspiration space for design.


Let's take a look at it quickly and take a look at these attractive colors, which may bring a lot of color matching ideas to our creation.


1. Indigo Bunting

 Indigo Bunting

Blue has always had a very high appearance rate, and this year has also ushered in its peak, once again appearing, becoming one of the popular colors in spring and summer. It has become a modern classic flat color trend, and the calm and quiet make people intoxicated.


2. Beach Glass

 Beach Glass

Among the popular colors in the spring and summer of 2021, "Beach Glass" makes us feel as if we are on the beach, feeling the sound of the sea, the watery blue, and being flattened by waves and currents.


3. Pirouette


The clear and elegant "Pirouette" was successfully selected as the most beautiful color series for 2021 spring and summer. Taking into account the lightness and translucency and the noble and seductive texture, it is very dreamy and girlish, and the looming pink adds a touch of gentleness.


4. Blue Atoll

 Blue Atoll

Blue Atoll is reminiscent of a tropical island in the sea. Summer in Phuket blends with heat and coolness.


5. Illuminating


The friendly, cheerful and optimistic yellow tone promises a sunny day.


6. Lava Falls

 Lava Falls

Since ancient times, red has been a symbol of passion. This year, Lava Falls puts both beauty and strength into consideration. This hot and melting red emits a kind of gushing energy.


7. Marigold


"Marigold" named after the color of marigolds is a romantic existence in itself, and the comfortable yellow-orange tones bring a warm vision.


8. Orange Ochre

 Orange Ochre

"Orange Ochre" can create a simple and non-vulgar visual texture because of the brownish hues in orange! Warm colors warm your spring.


9. Pickled Pepper

 Pickled Pepper

When I heard this color name, my first reaction thought it was food, kimchi and chili. These are the ingredients of life that we are familiar with. Nowadays, the word is the representative of popular color, kimchi chili green can make people feel refreshing and warm. A gardening green, pleasant and stimulating, sour and sweet.


10. Purple Rose

 Purple rose

Hearing the name can make people thrilled. This color has a noble, mysterious and calm temperament.


Everyone is wondering why every color has a nice name. Of course, it doesn't stop there. In addition to the color trends released every year, Pantone is also cooperating across industries, such as cooperating with major brands to customize its own colors and nicknames.


Here is a reminder of the exclusive color names that Pantone used to customize.


In 2001, Pantone collaborated with Tiffany for the first time and created a custom color for Tiffany called "1837 Blue" (because 1837 was the year when Tiffany was established, the name was given)


In 2020, Pantone’s latest color is a tribute to menstruation: Period Red, a color registration in cooperation with the Swedish brand Intimina, aims to solve the ancient taboos and obstacles to women’s equality.


The City Centre shopping mall in the Middle East collaborated with the Pantone Color Institute to launch the "Mother's Day Color", a seductive pink hue that implies the touch of love.


Pantone recently joined hands with (HK TRAMWAYS) to create a new representative green tone, (HK Tram Green), a tribute to Hong Kong Tramways and its significance in Hong Kong’s history and culture.


Designers, hurry up to use these colors in the concept design exercises, and you may find different things.