Optimize the Screen Cleaning Process! Improve Production Efficiency!

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Sep 16, 20226900

Optimize the Screen Cleaning Process! Improve Production Efficiency!
In the last blog, JRPanel introduced the details of the screen printing process that most people do not know.

After each screen printing is completed, our engineers will deeply clean the screen to prepare for the next screen printing. At the same time, proper cleaning will also maximize the service life of the printing screen.

There are 2 main methods of cleaning screen printing screen: manual cleaning and machine cleaning. 

Traditional Manual Cleaning

In traditional manual cleaning, engineers generally use a rag-dipped-in cleaning agent to wipe the screen. When one side is cleaned, the engineer will clean the other side. The entire cleaning process sounds simple, but there are many details that cleaning workers need to follow.

1. During the cleaning process, it is necessary to prevent the ink from drying and curing.
2. When cleaning, the screen needs to be placed horizontally in the cleaning tank. Vertical cleaning is not allowed, as it will destroy the tension of the screen.
3. When wiping the printing screen with a cloth, do not use too much force, as this will damage the clarity of the screen printed image when printing.
4. Selecting high-cost builders such as gasoline can effectively slow down the drying and curing of the ink.
5. Because the cleaning agent is toxic and volatile, cleaning workers must wear overalls and gloves for cleaning.

Today, with more and more emphasis on environmental protection and employee safety, the traditional manual cleaning method is no longer suitable. More factories are equipped with screen cleaners.

Machine Cleaning 

The screen cleaning machine is specially used for cleaning the screen. The cleaning worker places the screen in the cleaning room and sets the cleaning and drying time. Then, just press the "start" switch, and the screen cleaner starts to work automatically. The whole process is as convenient as using a washing machine at home. 

The efficiency improvement brought by the application of the screen cleaning machine in the screen printing factory is prominent, and JRPanel benefits from this. 

In all links of membrane switch production, JRPanel strives to optimize the process flow, for example, the introduction of world-class automatic equipment and instruments, such as automatic screen printing machines, automatic screen cleaning machines and so on. JRPanel aims to achieve the fastest turnaround in the industry. 


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