Membrane Switches in Electronic Equipment: Standardization And Application

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Membrane Switches in Electronic Equipment: Standardization And Application

1. Introduction


Membrane switch is a multi-layer structure switch with elasticity. It is composed of insulating material layers. The component is flat and non-locked. You can see membrane switches everywhere, ranging from small household appliances to high-tech products. They are widely popular in many fields because of good look, long service life, and simple structure.


Membrane switch is mainly composed of graphic overlay, upper adhesive, upper circuit, spacer, lower circuit and back adhesive. The graphic overlay is transparent film, and it is made of PC, PET or PVC. The material of mask adhesive, isolation layer and adhesive layer is double-sided adhesive.


The working principle of membrane switch is simple. When the mask layer is not pressed, the isolation layer isolates the upper and lower circuits. When the mask layer is pressed, the upper circuit is also moved, and it coincides with the lower circuit. As a result, the circuit turns on. The externally connected instrument (set by the customer) sends a signal to trigger the corresponding function.


2. Standardization


The surface of the installation object should be flat and rust-free. In addition, the installation would carry on after cleaning the surface with alcohol or gasoline.


Nowadays, we all take care of quality, and we wish our products good and durable. All manufacturers are vigorously carrying out the research and practice of quality management. It has become the main means for enterprises from all over the world to win in the competition. JRPanel, for example, has a professional team to ensure high quality.


When it comes to quality management, there are naturally standardization rules that we can follow. The so-called "standard" is something to evaluate the quality of product, service and technology. It is the basis of design and quality management.


There is no way to start working without standards. What is standardization? According to the definition given by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), it refers to the interests of all parties concerned, especially in order to promote the overall economy of the country and give due consideration to the use conditions and safety requirements of products. The process of formulating and implementing various rules for orderly specific activities are under the cooperation of all relevant parties.


The standardization of membrane switches is based on the comprehensive results of science, technology and experiments. It not only lays the current foundation, but also determines the future development. It is always consistent with the pace of development.


The implementation of standardization includes the implementation of technical standardization and other standards. It can be carried on in the quality management process. Standards and standardized work have been tested by actual work in this process. Thereby it gains strong vitality. As a result, the standard plays a vital role in quality management.


3. Application


The electronics industry can't develop without membrane switches. However, they are only limited to an important process in some components of the workpiece (not the whole component processing). Although membrane switches improve the appearance decoration of electronic products, they are only accessories in a word. They don't get rid of the passive status attached to the product.


On the other hand, membrane switches just integrate the functions of screen printing technology in the electronic industry products. They have become independent electronic products.


The membrane switch not only decorates the appearance of the instrument panel, but also owns the complete function of the control element, which integrates the decoration and function.


Let's say this, the membrane switch is the inevitable product of the development of screen printing technology. It not only originates from screen printing technology, but also promotes the development of printing technology to high-tech fields.


Some membrane switches are large in size and single in function in the control system. In addition, their appearance is limited by commercially available products. So it is difficult to meet the needs of the development of electronic products in the direction of multi-function, miniaturization, density and intelligence.


The membrane switch, an independent product processed by screen printing, emerged as the time requires. As the fourth-generation switch element, it provides timely assistance to the development of the electronics industry.


The electronics industry favors membrane switches. Various names such as membrane switch, tact switch, tact button, and electronic panel have appeared for a while.


Membrane switch or membrane switch keyboard is named according to the characteristics of the material. It is usually an overall sealed structure composed of three or more layers of film, which integrates buttons, switches, panel function marks, reading display windows, indicator light transparent windows, switch internal wiring, lead-out circuit, and conventional panels. The text, symbols and decorations to be marked are integrated to form the assembly of the electronic control system.


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