Membrane Switch Panel Design Reference 2 -- PET Matte Membrane Panel for Refrigerators

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Oct 14, 202112180

Membrane Switch Panel Design Reference 2 -- PET Matte Membrane Panel for Refrigerators

Hi everyone, today we bring you the second reference case of membrane panel switch design.

This is a membrane panel used in equipment such as refrigerators, as Cold” tells. This product is relatively long, the specific dimension is: 75mm × 675mm.


membrane panel used in equipment

Next, let us take a look at the design highlights of this thin membrane panel.


1. Material and Surface Finish


It uses PET material. According to the customer's request, it is has been matte processedThe matte surface can bring a good touch to the user, and at the same time, the entire panel is wear-resistant and not easy to scratch.


Material and Surface Finish

2. 3M300LSE -- Waterproof Adhesive


Since it is used in equipment such as freezers or refrigerators, the waterproof performance of this panel needs to be exceptional. The adhesive of 3M300LSE has the best waterproof performance. Coupled with JRPanel' s unique waterproof technology, this product can meet IP66 standard.


3. Translucent Window and Flat Keys


It is worth noting that the display window of this membrane panel adopts a translucent design, which can weaken the LED light and make the LED light relatively soft.


Translucent Window and Flat Keys

Beside the window are the function keys, including Switch key, Set-up key and so on. The keys are all flat which means no embossment at all. If the customer has no special requirements, we will circle embossed the buttons.


4. High Precision Screen Printing

 High Precision Screen Printing

You can see that our silk screen patterns are highly refined. According to the Pantone color number required by the customer, our engineer will modulate the ink color with an error within 10%.

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