Membrane Switch Panel Design Reference 1 -- Water Quality Monitoring System Operation Panel

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Oct 12, 202115180

Membrane Switch Panel Design Reference 1 -- Water Quality Monitoring System Operation Panel

Hi everyone,starting today, JRPanel will publish a new article theme ---Membrane Switch Panel Design Reference to help you understand the design diversity of customized membrane switch panels.


In this topic, JRPanel will select some representative membrane switch panel products in design, and introduce product characteristics and design forms to everyone. I hope to bring some reference to friends who have related needs.


In the first episode, we will bring a Membrane Switch used on Water Quality Monitoring System Operation.


Lets first take a look at the product overview.



From the text information on the surface of the product, we can know that this is a membrane switch used in the Water Quality Monitoring System.


The following are some of the design elements of this product.


1. Display Window


Under the display window is usually an LCD screen or a light-emitting diode. This is to show the information that the device needs to convey during use, such as the date or the operating status of the device, so that the user can better control the working conditions.


The size of the display window depends on the size of the display screen and can be customized.


Display window


2. 3 LED Windows


On the right side of the large window, there are 3 small circular windows, reserving space for the installation of LEDs. 


If your device is equipped with LEDs, when you design the membrane switch, you only need to punch holes on it, just like this one. If there is no LED on your device, but you just need the indicator light function, we recommend that you mark the position, quantity and color of the LED in the design document. We will embed the LED you need directly on the membrane switch for you.


3. Key Type -- Flat Embossed Keys


Key type


From the angle in above picture, the keys of this membrane switch are obviously embossed


JRPanel provides a variety of embossing types, which can reach customer's requirements with different types of keys. Circle Embossed, Flat- Embossed Key, Edge- Embossed, Key Shape Embossed, Flat- Key ( No embossed ). This membrane switch has adopted Flat- Embossed Key.


4. ESD Layer


ESD layer


In order to prevent the surface of the membrane switch from being charged with static electricity, JRPanel will add a layer of conductive adhesive or an independent shielding layer to the membrane switch and lead out the ground line. The main principle is to use electromagnetic shielding to shield space electromagnetic interference, thereby reducing and eliminating electromagnetic interference from space. After adding the electrostatic shielding layer, the overall structure of the membrane switch will become thicker, which is not suitable for products with higher thinness requirements.



JRPanel provides 3 types of ESD layer. You can choose the appropriate type according to actual needs. When placing an order, please note the required type.


The above are the key points of the membrane switch design that we brought to you today. We hope to help you better understand the design of membrane switches.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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