Maintenance of Flexible Printed Circuit

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Maintenance of Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) is something that is widely applied in electronic equipment. Due to its flexibility, thinness and bendability, it is increasingly favored by electronics manufacturers. To ensure the normal running and extend the service life of FPC, regular maintenance is required. Here are some suggestions for the maintenance.


1. Avoid excessive bending


FPC has good flexibility. It can be bent to a certain extent. But excessive bending can break the metal foil on the circuit, ruining the electrical connection. Therefore, during use and storage, excessive bending of the FPC should be avoided.


2. Avoid excessive pulling


The wires of FPC are very fragile. They can be easily broken. Therefore, during use, you should try to avoid excessive pulling of the FPC. When connecting or adjusting it, handle it gently, and avoid using excessive force.


3. No humid environments


The metal foil on the FPC flexible circuit board is prone to chemical reactions with water or moisture, causing corrosion and breakage. Therefore, during use and storage, try to avoid placing FPC in a humid environment, especially when cleaning electronic equipment. In this situation, we should remove first, and clean it by a dry method.


4. No corrosive environments


Metal foil on FPC is prone to chemical reactions with corrosive substances (such as acids, alkalis, etc.), causing corrosion and fracture. Therefore, during use, we should avoid bringing FPC into contact with corrosive substances, and try to avoid exposing it to corrosive environments.


5. Regular inspection


Regularly check the connection status and appearance of the FPC to ensure that it is not damaged or loose. If FPC is found to be damaged or loose, it should be repaired or replaced in time.


6. Pay attention to temperature


FPC is sensitive to temperature changes. Working in a high-temperature environment for a long time can easily cause wire breakage or metal foil deformation. Therefore, we should try to avoid exposing FPC to a high-temperature environment. During use and storage, rapid temperature changes should be avoided to prevent thermal expansion and contraction, which will shorten the service life.


7. Electrostatic protection


FPC is sensitive to static electricity. It is easily damaged by static electricity. Therefore, when FPC is running, electrostatic protection measures should be taken, such as wearing anti-static gloves and using electrostatic protective pads.


8. Good storage location


Insulation and protection are important when storing flexible printed circuit. FPC should be stored in a dry, ventilated, dust-free environment, and insulation measures should be taken to avoid contact with other metals, organic solvents to prevent being affected by the outside world.




Flexible printed circuit requires maintenance to avoid excessive bending and pulling, avoid moisture and corrosive environments. Regularly check the connection status and appearance of FPC. Pay attention to temperature and electrostatic protection, and pay attention to the storage location. The service life of the FPC can be extended by correct maintenance. It guarantees normal operation.


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