Laser Cutting VS. Mold Cutting in Membrane Switch Manufacturing

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Jul 15, 202214626

Laser Cutting VS. Mold Cutting in Membrane Switch Manufacturing

In the process of completing the customization of membrane switches, the products need to be cut into different shapes. Membrane switch manufacturers generally adopt two types of cutting methods: laser cutting and mold cutting. The cutting principles and applicability of these two cutting methods are different. Today JRPanel would like to share with you the knowledge of membrane switch shape cutting.


First let's take a look at laser cutting. Here is the picture showing membrane panels cut by laser. The laser cutting machine can cut multiple thin membrane panel products at the same time. Now, do you think laser cutting is a very time-saving way? In a way, it is true. You may have noticed that when introducing laser cutting, we prefer to the cutting object as membrane panels rather than membrane switches.


As two different products, the major difference between membrane panel and membrane switch is that the former does not have a tail cable while the latter does. This leads to a significant increase in work hours for laser-cut membrane switches.


Now, let's turn our sights to the mold cutting. Before cutting, we need to open a mold. Then, place the panels or switches on the machine. With only one single cutting, we get the desired shape. For products of small size, we can open an array of molds, so that mutiple cuttings can be done at one time. The same is true for cable cutting.


Thus, in general, the efficiency of mold cutting is higher than that of laser cutting, while the disadvantage of mold cutting is the high cost, as the mold opening is charged.


After our explanation above, we believe you already have a better understanding of the 2 cutting methods.


To Summarize


If your needs are for prototype orders or membrane panel products, laser cutting will be a more suitable choice because the cost is lower and the production cycle is not very long.


When you need a large batch order, mold cutting is the better choice.


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