JRPanel's First Livestreaming! Join In and Get A $50 Coupon!

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Jun 6, 2022230892

JRPanel's First Livestreaming! Join In and Get A $50 Coupon!

Dear JRPanelers:


Firstly we would like to express out thanks for your visit / support to JRPanel.com, which is a professional manufacturer for Membrane Switch, Graphic Overlay & Acrylic Panel.  


Do you have questions for:

 - Graphic design, Drawings for Membrane Switch, Graphic Overlay & Acrylic Panel?

 - How to choose the proper materials and adhesives ?

 - What are the cable types?

 - What are the differences between metal dome and die-pressing?

 - How to order online?



In order to help you understand the capability of JRPanel, we will launch an online live event through Instagram and Facebook on June 21, 2022


During the live, we will mainly share the knowledge of Membrane Switch / Graphic Overaly, the innovative advantages of the JRPanel platform, and some other contents that you are interested in.


JRPanel hereby invites you to attend. At that time, you can search "JRPanel" on Instagram and Facebook to follow our official account and enter the live room to watch the live. Please make sure you follow the official accounts of JRPanel:


Instagram : JRPanel@jrpanel_official   


Facebook: JRPanel@JRPanelChinaOfficial  



As long as you participate in our live and tell your JRPanel Account Number / Email Address online ( such as 00001A), you can get a $50 cash coupon, which you can directly use for orders on JRPanel.com.


Come on and Join in!


Time:  20:00 June 21, 2022  [ GMT+8 ]


Thank you for your support and participation!

                                                                                                                                     JRPanel Team


Regist on JRPanel,Enjoy New Welcome Coupon$20

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