Is Data Collection Important in the SMT Production Line?

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Oct 29, 202111940

Is Data Collection Important in the SMT Production Line?

The PCB assembly industry is specific, so after a problem occurs in one link, all products will be scrapped, which will lead to a significant increase in production costs. Therefore, to effectively solve this problem, companies need to monitor key production parameters and production processes in real time and sensitively. In this way, accurate error positioning can be achieved, and some parameters can also be effectively adjusted.


A summary of the parameter collection in the SMT production process shows that the parameters that need to be collected in the entire process are mainly as follows:


1) Collection of personnel information. When collecting personnel information, it is necessary to separately collect workshop managers, equipment operators, etc., and then record data based on the management concept of responsibility to people, so that the goal of product quality traceability can be achieved.


2) Collection of material data. In order to achieve accurate and scientific data collection, materials need to be numbered when they are put into storage, and the uniqueness of the number must be guaranteed, so that the associated information generated can be obtained based on the number.


3) Collection of equipment quality inspection data. The storage and utilization of equipment quality inspection data has significant value in equipment analysis and other aspects.


4) Collection of production process status data. This data is the core data that needs to be mastered in monitoring practice.


In the SMT production process, the screen printing machine is an important equipment. From the perspective of production practice, the so-called silk screen specifically refers to the coating of solder paste and curing glue on the PCB. The data collected during the work of the screen printing machine mainly includes the cycle time of the screen printing machine, the speed and pressure of the printing and scraping, the direction and method of printing, and so on.


Through the connection of the screen printing machine and the industrial computer, the related equipment can be effectively controlled. The monitoring software is installed on the industrial computer, and the corresponding data collection work can be realized. In short, the data collection of the screen printing machine has significant value in traceability.


From the perspective of SMT production, material errors in the process are more frequent. Therefore, to effectively solve the production efficiency and quality problems, it is necessary to emphasize the error prevention of materials in the mounting process. As far as the current material error prevention is concerned, the main measures are:


1) Determine specific materials based on data collection. The material has a unique number. When selecting the material during the mounting process, the material needs to be judged based on the specific information collected. In this way, mounting errors caused by similar material shapes will be effectively avoided.


2) In the process of material placement, it is necessary to scan and collect staff and equipment information. In this way, if there is an error in material placement, the error can be traced based on specific information. In this way, the corresponding problem control and resolution effects will be more prominent.


3) Emphasize the use of warning systems. Through the use of the warning system, the safety prompts in the placement process are effectively strengthened, so that the incidence of production errors and safety problems will be significantly reduced.


In SMT production practice, information collection has a positive effect on production error avoidance, so it is significant to emphasize the collection of production information.


Based on data collection, the monitoring and traceability effects of the production process will be more prominent.


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